Countrywide Sued by US Attorneys in Atlanta

There are dozens of examples where CW and the other major players are getting slammed for fraudulent behavior and representations IN COURT. This time the US Trustee is going after them in bankruptcy court because of all the “maneuvers.” The plain truth is that these PLAYERS are trying to game the legal system after they gamed the financial system to defraud investors in real estate and securities.

Comment from a Reader indicates there are no 28 instances in 8 jurisdictions where CW has been in trouble. No matter which “lender” you are dealing with, however, you will find a multiple parties standing in line behind them with dubious credentials, vague rights acquired by poorly executed unrecorded “assignments.” In every case we have seen, which includes scores more than the 28 mentioned above, the Plaintiff or Trustee in the foreclosure or Notice of Sale lacked power, authority or jurisdiction, and basically is trying to bully their way through a court system that WAS unsuspecting (witness the hundreds of thousands of foreclosures that were completed, but where an increasing number of courts and lawyers are seeing the game and challenging the players with great success in protecting property, money and lifestyle.

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