Foreclosure Stories: Chase Mortgage Predatory Practices, Incompetence and Negligence even with Military Families

Steven of Portsmouth, VA (05/24/08)
My mortgage was on military allotment and Chase said that they had not received payment several times that they had, or they would hold payments saying thet they weren’t received until there were late fees due. 

I ended up in foreclosure with nobody believing that I was being ripped off until after I was forced into a $40,000 bankruptcy. My brother started paying them for me out of a trust account set up through his law firm. It has since been determined that THEY were in error, but I’m still out 40 grand.

Angela of Paulsboro NJ (05/13/08)
My husband and I purchased a new home in May of 2007 from Weichert. At settlement we made sure there was enough money in escrow to pay taxes, insurance, PMI, etc. Weichert then sold our mortagage to Chase. We have lived in our house for 1 year, and Chase has not paid our property taxes yet. I found out that they did not pay any taxes about 6 months ago. The tax biller gave me copies of all the notices they sent to Chase Mortgage, and I have been checking in with the city’s tax biller and Chase each month to see if the taxes are getting paid. Chase Mortgage keeps saying either they did not get a notice, or that’s getting paid in a few days. Well, here we are, one year later, and my city tax dept. let me know we owe $5,000 in taxes that have not been paid. (there are late fees included). 

Chase is now saying we do not have enough money in escrow to pay all the taxes and started spilling off other payments that come out of our account – some of which I have never heard of. It has been 3 hours and we are st Can someone please help??? At this point, Chase should be paying my taxes out of their pocket! My husband and I have paid everything we were supposed to. We had the funds in escrow at settlement. Where has that money gone?

Chase is now telling us, almost 1 year later, that the taxes are OUR responsibility and we need to pay on our own…excuse me, WHAT? then what is the point of escrow? the rep we talked to 30 minutes ago said they would pay the taxes, and then we would have to pay chase back…. I feel physically sick right now. No joke, I may have to go to the hospital.

Alan of Agoura Hills CA (05/07/08)
Long story short: Chase mistakenly assumed I was late with my Property Taxes and paid them for me and set up an escrow account. I have been unable to close the escrow account even though I have sent numerous letters and faxes to anonymous deparments and people at Chase all to no avail. They now are threatening to foreclose my house even though the peple I speak with admit I am fully paid up on both my Property Taxes and mortgage payments. 

This has been going on for over a year, and they have damaged my credit by reporting this to the big 3 agencies. I am at a loss as to know what to do, nobody seems to care that this is causing so much consternation. I think I need to borrow the supposed amount to get this to go away in case they steal my house. But what would be the chance of ever getting that money returned? Thank you

Damaged credit and enormous amounts of wasted time dealing with this issue

Joel of Chicago IL (05/06/08)
I bought a home. Chase purchased me loan. Chase is escrowing my taxes. My first contact with Chase to ensure my March 1, 2008 taxes would be paid was on February 5, 2008. A work order was opened at that time. I have called many times since then. Other work orders have been opened. They have been expedited several times. 

I spoke with Myrna on 4/28/08 who said she would see to it my taxes would be paid and would call me on May 1. I double checked that she had the correct phone number. She verified she did. I received no call. I have left several messages with Mr. Martin and Mr. Komeer requesting phone calls explaining the delay. I have received no phone calls. I have spoken with Andrew, ELia, Lakindria, Lakisha, Kenya, Glenda, Myrna, Andrea, Shirley, Joey, and Marlin in the Phillipines. I have spoken with several of these people more than once. 

Why are my taxes not being paid? When will they be paid? I am in danger of losing my home because you have not met your fiduciary responsibilities and contractual obligations. I am going to Chase headquarters here in Chicago tomorrow morning and speak with someone about this. If I do not get satisfaction, I will get the name of the person in charge of mortgages in New York and go speak with him or her. 

There are penalties added to the mortgage payment each month they are not paid. I am in danger of losing my home if they are not paid. Why are my taxes not being paid? When will they be paid?

Matthew of Atlanta GA (04/29/08)
Received an offer for good home equity line. No closing and 4.49% rate. I was preapproved with high income and 780 credit score. They would not come close to the rate offered in letter claiming to get the published rate I could only borrow 75% of homes value. That fact was not published. When I was able to show that I wanted to borrow only 72% of homes value they still came back with 5.5% interest rate. This is definately a case of marketing fraud and I am sick of it! 1-1/2 hours wasted thus far.

I will just go elsewhere even if rate is higher. They have lost my business FOREVER

James of Hesperia CA (04/28/08)
I’m a small contractor in Calif. I repaired a home that was damaged due to a small kitchen fire. A check was issued to the homeowner and Chase Bank in order to pay me. Its been over 45 days I cannot reach the homeowner because she does not live in the home, the insurance company said they have fulfilled thier obligation and Chase Bank will not even tell me if the check was ever signed, if it ever was recieved or if the homeowner left with my money. I’ve paid for all the material and labor.

The amount due to me is over 20,000 dollars. In these tough times I could lose my home waiting for a response.

John of Mentor OH (04/21/08)
In August 2007, we had damage through out our home due to water. The damage included an upstairs bathroom and hallway; kitchen ceiling; kitchen cabinets; hardwood floors throughout the first floor; wall paper throughout the kitchen area; custom made window treatments; and numerous items that had to be replaced. Our insurance company, State Farm Insurance has been paying our claim damage by checks that are made out to my wife and I and Chase Home Finance. Since Chase has our mortgage, that is the reason Chase is included. We have to endorse the checks and send to Chase. Chase in turn holds on to the money. We are doing the contracting ourselves and therefore need the funds to do the work. Chase’s Loss Draft Department stipulates that they give you only a portion of the funds, but will release funds upon certain levels of completion. But in order to get to a certain level of completion, we need the funds Chase is holding to do the work. We can’t get the funds because we are not at the level of completion Chase stipulates. 

We have asked for some funds but Chase requires invoices; orders; and may require an in house inspection to see if we are at 50% repair completion. That will be next to impossible, since Chase has not released funds to purchase kitchen cabinets; kitchen cooktop; sink and faucets; microwave; etc. As a result Chase is holding on to $20,000.00 of money paid by the insurance company to us for the damage. I have sent over 10 letters to Chase regarding supplemental checks paid to us; documented paperwork Chase requires and still no money released to complete the repairs. 

Since August 2007, we have lived in a house that has a bathroom completely torn down to bare walls; bare floor; no vanity/sink/faucet and no use of shower. The kitchen walls are bare drywall-no paint or wallpaper; no curtains or window treatments; boxes of hardwood flooring in our living room and dining room waiting to be laid in the kitchen whenever the contractor can get in to take out the damaged flooring; kitchen cabinets; appliances; and replace the floor with the new hardwood floor; kitchen cabinets; and other items necessary to live again. Every time I call the Loss Draft Department, I get a different person who tells me the same thing only in different terms. The hoops Chase wants you to jump through make it insufferable and they so not really care if you need the money or not. They have it and they don’t want to give it to you, even though the money is ours to repair our home. 

The consequences of Chase’s Loss Draft Department’s despicable actions are, we either have to borrow money to complete the work in order to have Chase release OUR money, or we have to sit and wait until Chase feels good and ready to give us OUR money. We have a contractor who is waiting to do the work but has canceled numerous times, since we do not have the money to pay him to start the major repairs. The emotional damage is worse. My wife cannot stand the condition of our house; she cannot clean the dust; debris; etc. She baby sits for our grandchildren and the conditions make it more difficult than necessary. The money Chase has is OURS from OUR insurance company and Chase should release it to US so we can, after 8 months, bring our house into normal living conditions.

Elwood of Sinking Spring PA (04/16/08)
never a straight answer, when, how much, i had a great record and ran into some problems 12/07, jan. feb. march, and now a SHERIFF delivered the papers for forclosure, hey i want to save my home, but cannot get to anyone with authority, this is not the point of a clerk, called CHASES’ LAWYERS, rude, and good luck…. so i faxed 26 sheets of paper to two different people in collections, NO RESPONMSE to work a deal out, NOPE, nothing back….


Diana of Sacramento CA (04/06/08)
I originally recieved a mortgage loan from another lender a year earlier who was able to clear up my $5000.00 debt and finance me for 7.5% on my home. I later wanted to refinance for more cash out and my lender wasn’t able to extend this to me, so I called around and when I recieved a pre-approved refinance for Chase Home Finance, I called them. By this time, my debt had been paid, I was currently making current up to date mortgage payments and my interest and monthly payments were low, but to cash out more money and refinance I needed to change to another loan company who would do this. I spoke with Eric of Chase Finance and he was able to finance me, but I needed a cosigner. I was borrowing an extra $50,000.00, but still, in total, I hadn’t borrowed that much. My son helped me and I found out that my new mortgage would be at 9.5% and my monthly payments jumped 4 times higher, but Eric claimed it was because of my credit and he gave me his word that even though my payments were high, in six months, I could refinance and my credit rating would get higher and I would then lower my monthly payments and interest by calling him back and he would do that for me, even telling me to save aside $5,000 to 6,000.00 to help with my monthly payments till then. 

Since I had called around to other institutions, this one seemed better and I thought it would work out like he stated. Now, though, it’s another story. I called up Chase last week to find out that Eric is no longer with the company and they can’t do anything about what Eric had promised me. So, now I’m stuck with this high rate and payment for at least two years, since I found out that my self employment must have a two year history to refinance. 

Eric knew why I was borrowing this money and that I was going to open my own inhome childcare and he had no problem with it, but now it’s another story. Since my business needs to get on it’s feet which may take several more months, basically, I feel I was taken advantage of, lied to, and Chase will do nothing to rectify this situation. They need to be responsible for their employees and stand by what I was told. 

My income right now is lower than my monthly payments. My son helped me cosign, but he has his own life to live with his own bills, so I can only depend on myself to cover my payments. I can only hope that my childcare picks up in the next month or so.

Vivian of Ventura CA (04/02/08)
In 2006, my work company got acquired by other company, payroll cycle changed and I contact Chase for due date change. First I was told to call back, then I was transfer to another department, then I was told to ask a supervisor for this request. Then 3 months later and after being charged for late fee charge of 141 dollars each months, I was told that Chase changed their policy (this happened within the period of my request). I was never notified about that so I was told they are unable to change the date. 

I notified my lender from Chase, she told me she is going to do something, she did not! I went all year 2007 charged each month for late charges after so many requests, with proof, and still I am owing more than 6 thousand dollars in late charges and they are not willing to help. 

Last year in October 2007 my mortgage payment increased in 900 dollars from 1 month to the next one and I submitted a modification (50 pages fax) and I just got approved after 5 months. On February 29th 2008 for closing the modification. Chase asked more than 6000 dollars in order to be approved. I paid the amount, that includes until march 2008, now they told me that I am late because I haven’t submitted march payment. I am so tired dealing with chase. I spoke with a thousand supervisors and they are very disrespectful with the customers. I am so tired with the way I am treated from chase. Please help me. I can’t keep paying and paying and they never settle things correctly. 

I have to use my 401K saving to deal with chase and I have to pay high cost of taxes because of this problem.

Bill of Chicago IL (03/18/08)
I tried to make a Home Equity Loan payment from my savings account but it was rejected. The web requires me make Home Equity Loan payments from my checking account. 

This costs a day to transfer from my savings to my checking before I make the Home Equity Loan Payment. If there is a problem I could be charged with the transfer insufficient funds if the payment goes before the transfer completes. No where do they say one cannot transfer from Savings to Home Equity Loan accounts.

Bob of Annapolis MD (03/09/08)
Chase Home Finance: Fraud, breach of contract, late posting of payments, force-placing of insurance, non-timely payment of taxes, etc. Angered me so much that I have filed suit and set up a website, Despicable people.

Dennis of Macon GA (03/08/08)
I was forced into Chapter 13 bankruptcy after Chase was paid a double monthly payment through automatic withdrawal from my checking account by mistake. Chase only gave me credit for one payment. The next month I didn’t make a payment. This happened twice. I tried to make a payment the third time, and they refused it, threatening to foreclose. I filed Chapter 13 to keep them from taking my property. Chase has also charged me exorbitant insurance coverage. I’m on disability, and the court gets most of my money, leaving me very little to live on. Had I known then what I know now, Chase could have taken my property back with my blessing. Someone should chase Chase out of town. 

I can barely make it on my disability check. The court takes $765, and all I get is $975 leaving me with $210 a month to live on and pay my bills. I’ve been in bankruptcy for 4 years, and only have one more year to go. By the grace and help of God, I’ve made it through this totally unfair and unnecessary–as well as illegal, hardship.

Michelle of Trumann AR (03/06/08)
My husband had a home loan with Chase Mortgage that his first wife and he had purchased together. They divorced after a couple of years, and he remained in the home. With money being tight after the divorce he got behind on the payments. After one year of being alone and struggling with this loan, I came into the picture. We tried to work with Chase about late payments and to get it caught up so we could make a home together, but they made it difficult. My husband borrowed almost 1300.00 dollars from his 401k and repaid up all payments. An associate told us after they received the money that we were good to go and to start paying our next payment on time. Two weeks later ,Chase home sent all the money back; and we were forced to move, and they foreclosed on the house. My husband now has a foreclosure on his credit report, and I am almost 39 years of age and with some bad choices of mine–we both have a bad credit history which will keep me from having a nice home of our own one day. We are now renting and have been since Chase foreclosed in Dec. of 2005. We pay higher rent now than the house payment was. 

We were forced to move out of a home that we paid all late payments on. We paid what they wanted us to pay; and they still turned on us, and sent the money back instead of giving us a chance

Charlotte of Shallotte NC (03/06/08)
In January of 2007, we had county water available to our small community. We decided to hook up with the county, as our well water was not to our satisfaction. We live in a very rural area in NC,and our water department decided to have us make our payments to the tax office–a water assessment fee. The county gave us a year to pay, interest free. We had paid $200 -$300 of the $1200 or so that was due. In January of 2013, it was to be considered delinquent. All of my neighbors and I received letters from our mortgage companies. CHASE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO TOOK IT UPON THEMSELVES TO PAY THIS water assessment fee. Chase misread this as a past due tax and paid it in July of 2007. They then forced us into escrow. My husband had a credit score of 917, which I am told is unheard of. I had a credit score of 750 which is just ok. It still shows we both pay what we owe. Our house payment has gone from $472.91 to $742. I have been with Chase since 2000 and have only been late one time. Chase has gone on to pay other things that were not due and have really punched the fees to me and my husband. 

We are not rich, and Chase refuses to back down from their position. They called my local tax office and asked them if the money was not owed the day the water lines were installed. Of course it was, and now I am out of my money. I have paid all my fees. I am even 2 months ahead on my payments. I am trying to refinance. The customer service tells me a different story every time I call. One person told me I had to speak to the escrow department, and the escrow department was closed for the day. I was told to call at a later time. I called the next day to pay the ESCROW DEPARTMENT AND WAS TOLD THERE WAS NOT AN ESCROW DEPARTMENT. What do I need to do to get this over with? I have cried, prayed, begged, and still to no avail.They still get to cheat me–and act as though they have done no wrong. I appreciate any help you can give me.

Forced Escrow, many fees that were not truthfully owed, tears/stress, time, and worst of all our credit scores have dropped dramatically.

Earline of Fenton MI (02/29/08)
There was force-placed insurance on my account, and I have submitted my own homeowners. The dates are Dec 2000 through June 2001; Jan 2002 through Dec 2004. I would like them to please take care of this and request a prior vendor refund. 

This has caused me much STRESS.

Megan of Carneys Point NJ (02/19/08)
I can’t tell you how upset I am at this company. First off, their customer service is despicable. They are so rude and ignorant. I was passed on to 5 different people, and after each one entered info into the computer on why I was calling, I STILL had to repeat myself those 5 times. The last person I spoke with was either Sally or Sara; she was so mean to me and spoke to me like I was a child. The second thing is that I have been late on my payments, BUT I have been attempting to make some kind of payments on the loan. I checked online the other night, and I see that NONE of the payments that I made were EVER applied to my account. I wanted to scream, and I actually started shaking and getting so upset. My husband called Chase on Monday night and that is when they decided to let us know that the payments I made were being mailed back to us until we had the full amount of what we owed. It’s funny that we never had a phone call or letter about this. We call, and then that’s when they want to bring these discrepancies to our attention. I have had it with Chase. I am advising BBB about their practices. They are the worst company ever, and take my advise and please DO NOT EVER GO WITH CHASE. I would rather RENT for the rest of my life! They are such mean people, and they act like we are not human. If anyone else has had any problems such as mine please comment! Thanks for reading! AND please pray for my family!

It has damaged, ME! I am stressed, depressed, sick and tired of this pressure with CHASE!

Douglas of Niagara Falls NY (02/18/08)
I am being forced to carry 80% of my replacement value of my home in flood insurance by Chase who we were sold to by PHH. This will double my cost instead of my original agreement at purchase to carry my mortgage balance in the mortgage holder’s name to cover the carrier of a loss.

I am forced to pay more for unneeded insurance.

Joy-Ann of Encino CA (02/18/08)
Chase Home Finance bought my mortgage from Freedom Mortgage serviced through Loan Service Company. This loan was originally made with United Mortgage. All transfers of my loan were done without my consent. I would get a notice saying my loan was transferred in a sale to another company and given a loan number to use for payment until the transaction was complete. My payments were sent by check from my LAPFCU directly from my account to Chase, or to the previous mortgage companies. Chase cashed and banked checks from my credit union in September and October successfully. Then in December I get a notice from Chase that the November payment was late, and a late fee was charged. I made calls stating that the payment was made as I could see the withdrawal from my account. I sent a letter stating that my credit union had my authorization to act in my behalf to provide Chase with documentation that Chase had cashed the check, and it had been paid out from my credit union. 

Every week or every other week I have been in contact with my credit union agent as he calls and talks with Chase agents re. why they have not credited my account. Last week I finally talked to a sympathetic agent in (Louiiana) working for Chase who said their investigation department was in receipt of my check front and back which showed it had been cashed by Chase. He instructed me that my credit union didn’t send a bank statement showing the ‘rolling balance.’ He instructed me to send this to a fax number 6149613871 to CAC Reasearch OHIO. For two days my computer tried to fax to that number. Never received. I called Lane in LA, and I sent him a copy of the Nov bank statement in an email. He has told me that the research department has been instructed to expedite my account. I am still waiting for Chase to credit that $641.93 payment, cancel the late fee, and send me a 2007 tax statement showing mortgage interest corrected to reflect receipt of the Nov. payment. 

Chase shows me late for the current bill as they applied the December payment to Nov., January to December, and February to January. I guess I am lucky they charged me only one late fee. If this is not credited asap, my income tax return can’t be computed. I am physically stressed over this, and it is possible that my perfect credit rating has been damaged. 

Harold of Newcastle OK (02/15/08)
It all started with the real estate taxes. I got my real estate taxes from my county office and realized they had my assessment wrong. I contacted the county assessor’s office, and initially they had said they could not make an adjustment for this year’s taxes. Therefore I faxed the tax statement to Chase; this was early November that I did this. I wrote a letter to the county assessor and included a copy of my appraisal at the time of my home closing and asked that they do an adjustment. I got a call back from the county saying they were going to do an adjustment and lower my real estate taxes for this year. I called Chase and told them to please do not pay the first one, and I faxed the second one to them. Their representative confirmed that they would pay the most current bill and disregard the other one. 

Well of course, they didn’t; they paid the first one. I called them back and told them of this. They then paid the second amount. So now my escrow is negative because they never refunded the first one, and they say they are waiting on the county to refund the amount; but I have confirmed with my county that they sent the refund to First American Real Estate Tax Service. (This is a tax servicing company that Chase and many other mortgage companies use for handling taxes.) They sent this the first of January, and a month later they still have not processed the return. Now the really stupid part comes in. Chase has now done an escrow analysis with the escrow still not credited for the first tax payment and is trying to raise my payment from $1683 to $2200. 

I called and they said they would extend my existing payment another month until the refund got processed. I can almost guarantee they are going bungle this, and my account will get hit with late fees. I have no confidence in this company, and I think it is wrong that a mortgage holder doesn’t have the choice on who services his/her mortgage. Due to the amount of problems I have had with this company I’m cancelling my 2 credit cards that I have with them and am considering refinancing in hopes that I won’t end up with this disastrous company again.

Marilyn of Holbrook NY (02/13/08)
Dealing with Chase Home Finance is a nightmare. Their representatives lie and tell you if you postdate a check your payment will not be considered late. They gave me a negative on my credit report of a lateness in Nov. 2007. I made the Dec. 2007 and Jan. 2008 payment on time, plus I paid the account in full. Now they are trying to give me another negative on my credit for the exact same lateness from Nov. So, I am being punished twice for the same thing. Chase was very uncooperative in providing a payoff figure. It took them many days to comply and only after I opened an OCC complaint. They continued to collect per diem interest charges while they were stalling. Provided incorrect payoff figure and have not refunded me the difference. 

Chase owes me money from the payoff. My credit is ruined.

John of Lyman ME (02/12/08)
Chase charge fees for home insurance when we already had insurance. Then wouldn’t apply the money sent for our mortgage to the loan because it didn’t cover the fee of the insurance policy. So our loan was put delinquent and past due. Then we got past charges for something they did wrong. after we Paid all that needed to be paid we wanted to sell some of our land. They gave all the requirements needed to do such a sale. We did all that was required. When asked to release the land for sale they refused because we had late paymnets in the past 12 months. That was not one the requirements on the list and chase knew what our situation was and mislead us. to make a long story short we spent over 10,000 dollars to sell our land that put us in financial debt and being unable to recoup the money we could no longer afford the home which they now have under foreclosure. When we told them that we we’re having financial problems they would do nothing to help us recover, Their statement was you’re not bad enough yet. next thing we know we are being foreclosed on. Also they would not apply money sent to pay loan if it did’nt cover late fee’s

Our once good credit is damaged, we have lost our home and now renting, Because my financial situation is vital to my job security I have potential of losing my job.

Harold of Grants Pass OR (02/09/08)
On 1-21 -08 I called my mortgage company (JPMorgan Chase Bank) to refinance my home, as I was having problems making my $1800.00 a month payments–because of my job cutting back work hours. I spoke with a salesman, Brian G. Wilson, who assured me that there wouldn’t be a problem refinancing; all I needed to do was to pay application fee for $395.00. I explained to him that I did not have the funds at the time. He assured me again that I could pay off my credit cards and other bills; all I had to do is pay the application fee, and in 18 days I would be refinanced with cash out, so I used money for other bills. 

Then we got down to the appraisal. After I got my good faith estimate, I was asked if my house was listed. I said it was 7-23-07 to 1-23-08, and the date I started to refinance was 1/23/08. Ed, the loan officer called me and stated he couldn’t okay the loan because my home had been listed. The $395.00 that I had paid was non- refundable; so they stole my money, and my nexte house payment is due. 

Karen of Mandeville LA (02/09/08)
Chase has lost payments- then found them 30 days later, which made my account 4 months paid in advance, but yet every month we are charged a late fee, because they post at the end of the month. Payments are never credited correctly. We are at their mercy what they say goes. There is no recourse. We were put into a foreclosure because they can’t add, and yet had to pay their attorney fees. To this day they are still over paid- but we still receive past due notices. When we call, which is approx. 3 times a week for several hours on end, we are told just disregard the notice, but we are still charged the late fee. HELP

Can’t describe the stress this has caused, the embarrassment, humiliation, it goes on and on.


Sandra of Plymouth MI (01/20/08)
In 2005, I sold a home and Chase gave the title company incorrect info for payoff. The title company closed and I have paid chase $48,000.00 beyond closing statement. They placed my second home in foreclosure due to an error in escrow. I am ready to lose it entirely. HELP!

Economically, we our credit rating is destroyed.  We have no money and are in foreclosure. I am an emotional wreck and have not been able to work due to constantly trying to settle this nightmare.  It became so much worse than I have described.

Melissa of New Philadelphia OH (01/16/08)
I called Chase Home Finance today and asked to have my payment deferred because when I had called about 6 months ago I was told that in order to defer a payment my account must be past due. So, I let my account become past due because I knew I didn’t have the money to pay them this month. So, when I called I was told that I had to put a request in to cancel my ACH payment and then that I could in turn re-establish the ACH in a matter of days. I believe that they do not know what they are talking about and I am fed up. I wish that something could be done about them. I have both a home loan and an equity loan through them. Both of which are past due and they are not willing to help me in any way.

My credit is now horrible and I’m not sure what I’m going to.

David of Essex VT (01/05/08)
When we owned our former home we used Chase Manhattan Home Finance as our mortgage lender. In January of 2000, our Mortgage interest statement was mailed to a man in Byron Center Michigan; he phoned us to tell us that he was mailed this by accident from Chase Home finance and that he was mailing it to us in Vermont. We since closed on that home, bought a new one and have a different lender. This was the beginning of problems that we never even knew that we would have for years to come! This information had my husbands ss# on it. We contacted Chase Home Finance, and they apologized. 

November 28, 2007 we received a phone call from Central CreditServices stating we owe $9111.18! After researching this we found out that the man who was mailed our information, used the ss# to open a credit account at Menard’s and was making payments on this account until he defaulted, and it was bought by a creditor and it was in collections. We now are educated in Credit reporting and have received all 3 credit reports! We didn’t know that our credit report has foreclosures, repossessions of vehicles and chapter 7 and 11 protection on my husband’s credit. Chase Home Finance was negligent in sending this individual our personal information. We used to have impeccable credit, the best you could have; now we will be lucky if we can buy a cookie on the side of the street with our credit! 

We are trying to fix this ourselves but we are not sure which avenue to pursue. We would like to speak to an attorney. We have contacted Chase Home Finance and have spoken to their Legal and compliance department, however they are not willing to fix our credit and resolve this matter, that they are ultimately responsible for! Thank-you for your time in this matter.

It has ruined our credit. I have spent hours upon hours researching, writing letters and having to educate myself to try and have this matter resolved–not to mention the stress that has been placed on our marriage, and our children have been receiving less than their fair share of attention with homework and school activities! We have stress beyond stress and this individual will FOREVER have my husbands ss#!

Johanna of St. Louis MO (12/11/07)
I took Chase to court after they refused to accept payments I mailed them after completing a Chapter 13 Plan. I had problems getting Chase to give me credit for payments the trustee diligently sent them. I won my lawsuit, but the judge did not award me any damages???!!! The judge told Chase to type the court order and that I was to make all back payments they had refused and they were to subtract my attorney fees, which was over $3000. They sent me a letter with an arbitrary figure and charged me for THEIR attorney fees which was a violation of what the judge had stated in the transript and Order of Judgment they typed. I called their customer service and they of course did not return calls or correct this problem as had been my previous experience with Chase as well as the same experience others on this site have had.

My attorney basically abandoned me and would not file an appeal or help me in any way. This attorney had sent a letter soliciting me when Chase immediately rolled my mortgage into foreclosure after I had completed my Chapter 13. I have been told that this attorney was probably working for Chase all along!!!

About thirty (30) days later, after I could not pay the attorney fees and other fees they had unaccoutably charged me, they FORECLOSED ON MY PROPERTY!!!!!!!! My property was sold at the foreclosure, but in reality it is a wrongful foreclosure. This company had no respect for my questions and complaints, judges orders, or the law.

Kelly of Lake Orion, MI (12/10/07)
We purchases a 2nd home and was in the process of selling our 1st home when the buyer went MIA.  We were stuck with 2 homes. 

We rented the house for a year then re-listed the house.  We found no buyers. We even tried to do a short sale but nothing surfaced. We started getting behind on our payments.  We asked the bank to work with us on lowering the payments or interest. Nothing. We then wrote a hardship letter, no response. 

We called the bank and were told to be patient, it takes two weeks for a rep to be assigned to the case. We called back two weeks later and we were told a rep was just assigned that day and to wait two weeks before calling back. Two more weeks passed, we called again and were told there was no rep on the account and to call back in three weeks. Meanwhile our house is going through foreclosure. 

As of today, no assistance, no help.  We are willing to work with the bank, but the bank is ignoring us.

Yolanda of Plainfield IL (12/06/07)
This is the second time that I have received poor service from Chase. The first time is when I was closing on my current home and they had not processed my paperwork before the closing. They were actually processing the paperwork as we sat at the title company. They kept insisting that we postpone the closing because they had not done there job of making sure their work was complete and ready for closing. If we did not close we could have been sued by the builder! Recently, we have been trying to refinance and close and have yet to do so. We are more than 45 days out. We were told that our loan was rejected only to find out that the we were missing paperwork that had not been provided by our loan rep. We sent in the information and then we were told that everything looks good and we should close within 2 weeks. It did not happen. We called and recieved many voicemails and no reponse. We finally get a call after three weeks to tell us everything looks good and we are second in line to close, they will call us in a week for our closing date. After one week we called and got voicemails again. My husband and I have been calling and we get nowhere. I decided to file a complaint. We are through with Chase. I will be sharing this story with everyone. 

Our home owners insurance is due within a couple of weeks, which should have been taken care of by the refinance as well as the second half of our property tax. Needless to say both of these are in jeopardy if we do not close soon.

Harry of Atlanta GA (12/03/07)
During an active bankruptcy case, attorneys for Chase Bank transferred my deed from my name to theirs and prevented me from getting a loan that was already approved. I also had two willing and able buyers to buy the property, and Chase would not work with them or talk to them to facilitate the sale through licensed real estate agents. Strange things happened when I took Chase to court. At one point the attorneys were contacting me asking what I wanted to monetarily to settle the case. Then they would do strange things to close the case again and again. They have resources with trustees and the court system. At one time a representative for the California office, a Ms. Pam Brown told me, “We can do whatever the hell we want to do. The mortgage business is not monitored by anyone.” Now that was bold. 

Truth is it has happened to me, and the case was recently closed because a document that was requested from me by the judge handling the case, was filed on time but disappeared from the Clerk’s office of Dekalb County and the case was closed. I refiled the document after going home to get a copy, and received the letter closing the case two days later after refiling the case. The letter stated I had not met the judge’s request. Clark Howard, a news reporter in Georgia, did a special on a news broadcast around August of 2006 about mortgage companies stealing properties and featured Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, and Washington Mutual. I have experienced a lot of the same complaints I am reading on this site since getting my loan with Chase that was originally with a company called National Lenders. If there is a class action lawsuit against Chase Bank in the near future, please throw my hat in the ring. This is one institution that is growing by using predatory practices and needs to be addressed powerfully and aggressively.

Vanessa of Colorado Springs Co CO (11/20/07)
I have the Release and Deed of Trust from Chase signed sealed, stamped saying my house has been paid off since 2001, and Chase keeps sending me a bill. Chase needs to be stopped and they are a big company so we need someone bigger than Chase to handle this and that is GOD. Please help all of us because if someone does not stop them there will be more foreclosures. I’d like to have a Class Action Law Suit against Chase; that should bring them back down to earth.

They have somehow teamed up with my bank, Security Service, and they hold checks. They are trying everything in their power to make me refinance, but I’m not going to.

Carmen of Kennesaw GA (11/20/07)
I financed $97,000 towards the purchase of my home in 5/06 through Chase Home Mortgage. Since then, I have made additional payments on my monthly installment of $750. Usually, I pay $1,000 on the first of the month and send another $500 on the fifteenth with instructions to be applied to the principal immediately. The second payment is held in suspense and applied to the principal only upon receipt of the regular payment on the first of the following month. The payment is not credited retroactively as of the date of disbursement. Some of the explanations I have received are: their system can’t be set up for instructions to apply any and all payments upon receipt; I must call with specific instruction every time I issue an additional payment; they can’t apply a partial payment until the full payment is received. etc. 

The interest is not being reduced. Chase is overcharging me an additional 2 weeks of interest per period while collecting interest on my money for that period of time. Interest has only decreased by 20-some dollars although the principal has been reduced by $10,000. I’m losing the interest that would otherwise accrue on the money I send Chase on the 15th if it stayed on my bank account.

Julia of Geneva OH (11/17/07)
I had originally obtained a loan with another lender, which was bought by Chase Home Finance. I bought my house for more than it was worth, but the appraisal came back okay, so I went with it. I have NEVER been late making a payment and have had this loan for 5 years. This month, instead of paying by phone (which costs an extra $12), I sent in a check on the 1st, which is when my payment is due. Yesterday, Nov 16, I got a call from Chase Home Finance stating they have not received my payment, and I have a late fee on top of my normal payment. I can’t afford to send another payment out, but can’t afford to get behind. I have called Chase back, have spoken with 4 different associates, none of which can give me direct answers. I am in panic mode and am disgusted as well. What to do? I’ll wait it out and see if they ever get my payment. Good Luck to anyone else dealing with Chase Home Finance….

Barbara of Magnolia, NJ (11/11/07)
We have a mortgage with Chase Home Financial, LLC.  Due to an error in our checking account in 12/05, our mortgage check bounced. After much negotiating, we were put into the Homeowners Assistance Program. The payments that were missing were divided by 18 & added to our original payment. The program lasted 18 months; all payments were made by money order, sent with a letter & by certified registered mail with a return receipt. The program ended 11/06. 

In December, 06, we received a letter stating we had completed the program but were 4 payments behind and if we didn’t pay in 30 days, they would foreclose on our home. I called, spoke to 12 different people who could not help me out. We retained an attorney in January of 07 & to this date have not been able to resolve the problem.  We have been making our mortgage payments to our attorney who is putting it in an escrow account.

Jonathan of Ringgold GA (11/03/07)
I have been a Customer of Chase Home Finance for 3 years now. They purchased my loan from New Century Mortgage after my 1st year in my home. Every payment I have sent in has been mailed 2 weeks before they were due, and every one has been held 20+ days before they even attempt to deposit them. This has made every payment LATE, so they can charge more interest and more late fees. THIS IS NOT FAIR! It’s not my fault they cant process my payments on time. Today I received a FORECLOSURE LETTER! And I also received my check dated 8-25-2007 for my September payment that they held until 10-22-2007. Are these people Crazy? I have been given over 11 phone numbers to use to contact people who only have Voice-Mail and NEVER return my calls. Not even the Foreclosure Department has returned my calls. I guess they need a write-off or something, maybe thats why they are determined to take this house back. 

This has ruined my credit due to them not posting my payments as they should, and I have had to Stop-Payment on my last 2 house payments because they are still floating around somewhere. They say they have not been received. They want me to pay it over the phone, except now they want all past-due payments that they have screwed up, plus another $1500 in attorney fees, plus another $1700 in more ridiculous charges.

Mary of Colleyville TX (11/03/07)
My Chase mortgage was paid off in December 2005. Still today, after 7 months of my asking them to remove it, they are showing me delinquent on this account. Not that it was 30 days late at some point, but that it is late 30 days as of today, as if it was still open.

I have been trying to get my home refinanced. Three mortgage companies have told me I need this removed from my report. What can I do, as Chase has sent me 4 letters saying it is not a Chase error? They are not getting it. They keep sending me form letters saying it is not their error.

Chuck of Indianapolis IN (10/26/07)
Chase Mortgage has the worst customer service in the world. Do not deal with them. They are no good.

Joan of West Des Moines IA (10/19/07)
I lost my job in March of 2007 and did not find another job until July 2007. As a result I got behind on mortgage. After three months, Chase started foreclosure proceedings. I tried to pay $3200 toward my mortgage in August, but Chase would not accept it because they have started forelosure proceedings.

Now, I need to come up with approximately $8000 to start a payment modification plus pay $900 on top of my mortgage payment, plus attorney fees. They told me that my loan was being referred for modification in August and I was to be sent paperwork. I never received any and let Theo know I had not received it. He kept saying it had been sent. I finally received the paperwork on October 4, but he letter was date August 24! Prior to getting the letter, I talked to someone that told me what to send in for modification.

I immediately sent what was requested. Today, October19, I called and talked to Peter who supposedly is taking care of my modification. He said I was #20 in line so it may be 2-3 weeks before he gets to it. I don’t even know if what I sent in is sufficient to d the modification. There is a sale set for my home in February.

I am under so much stress do to not having a job for 5 months. It was the 3rd downsizing in 5 years plus going thru a divorce. My savings have been depleted. I am not a dead beat and I want to pay my mortgage but Chase is making it so diffcult or me to do so. They keep adding more and more fees, attorney fees on top. I fear I’ll be homeless and will lose my job again due not having a place to live. I need someone to help me thru this nightmare. I’ve heard so many horror stories about Chase mortgage and now I see they are probably all true.

John of Little Egg Harbor NJ (10/02/07)
Chase has screwed up so many times,that this one does not surprise me. Only this time my home is on the line. I have 21 days before my house goes up for sheriff sale. I have been trying to obtain a loan to help me out of this and for 3 months chase has not sent me the documentation needed for this loan. My husband is a 100% disabled vet, and has had numerous heart attacks and stroke. I can’t even let him know this for fear he may have another and maybe a fatal heart attack. My time, thanks to them is running out, and still I do not have the paper work needed. I need papers for the last 7 years, and they just sent me papers today and it is only a year and a half, or close to 2 years. Are they trying to make me lose my home?

Mary of Chicago IL (07/30/07)
Chase Home Financing purchased mtg from Option One then applied payment to wrong account. ALL ALONG THEY ARE STILL SAYING we are looking into this I faxed cancelled checks more than eight times at 14.00; each set have fax receipts they are still giving me the runaround.

Deborah of Palmyra NY (04/26/07)

This is the 3rd time Chase has done this to us. The first time was in June of 2003 stating I didn’t make 2 mortgage payments. Had an attorney send in proof of receipts to show it was paid. The 2nd time was in August of 2006; Chase was saying I was 5 payments behind. Hired an attorney to fight this but because of the cost of the attorney, and to get Chase off our back, we paid the acceleration warning that was for $5,862.00 and November 1st payment of $715.00, to bring the loan current. It was satisfied in November of 2006.

Made December thru April 2007 payments and NOW Chase again is stating I’m 30 days behind owing them $1397.00, when my monthly payments are only $698.00. Local bank Chase manager here where we live contacted Chase Mortgage Company and got nowhere with them. He then contacted Chase’s attorney and there attorney agrees with us that were not behind. The problem is Chase reported it to the credit bureau ruining my credit. I’m still fighting with them.

Eibhlis of Bronxville NY (12/06/06)
I found out accidently when I called with a simple question about my current mortgage that my mortgage payment had jumped up by $300. After speaking with customer care reps,they insisted that my escarow had increased secondary to an increase in my city and village taxes. I investigated it thoroughly and found it to be not true. I had the proper documentation sent to run a new escarow analysis. After 3 months of having to put my mortgage pmt in a suspence fund not knowing if this is going to have an impact on my credit, i am still waiting for chase to lower my pmt’s back to what they are supposed to be. If this keeps up i will have paid over 3k and change to chase while they make interest! I spoke to their executive offices who have not been helpful in assisting me. I will never knowingly use them!


Bruce of Arlington TN (11/29/06)
My mortgage loan was purchased by Chase mortgage. Since thenI had an ice maker line break and flooded the first floor of my home. My insurance was prompt to work on the problem. I got estimates and my insurance issued me checks endorsed to myself, Chase mortgage and the contractor. I paid the first contractor to speed up the process. Chase is holding the checks until 90% of the work is completed. I owe less than one third of my property value and still have to pull teeth in getting my house fixed. I have been living on bare concrete floors with pits in them. Chase refuses to endorse the check for the work I paid for out of my own pocket. This comompany is a Joke and should be put out of business for their buisiness practices.

I am converting my loan to a home equity loan with another lender. I am also planning to establish a website for people to advertise their experience with Chase Mortgage.

Sheila of Navarre FL (11/10/06)
We lost our home due to hurricane Ivan (over 2 years ago). We have never missed a payment or been late to Chase on our mortgage. When we rec’d the first check from our insurance company, we had to send it to Chase so they could hold it and dole it out as they saw fit. Anytime we needed more money we had to jump through hoops for them and then it would take 3 or more weeks. Contractors were wondering why it was taking us so long to pay them when we had already settled with insurance company. It is a big scam. They hold the money collecting interest and then act like they are doing us a favor to release 1/4 or 1/3 of it when we are already in debt twice over. Our new house is almost finished, we are waiting for an inspection from Chase, and they have promised to release all funds after the inspection. I have many doubts.

Had to use my teacher retirement money to pay for rebuild. Had to take out another loan to pay for the rebuild. Can’t understand why Chase has to sit and hold all of our money.

Carolyn of Oakland MD (09/29/06)
I sent Chase a check for the amount of 108,250.14, this was my principle balance due on my mortgage. This check was sent 9/14/06. I had already made Septembers payment on the 1st of Sept. When they received the check to payoff my mortgage they held it for 2 weeks then sent it back to me and refused to accept it saying I owed $1,187.49 in interest because I was being penalized for paying my mortgage off early. The statement and check was returned to me saying they wanted this additional amount send. This is highway robbery. I have never been late, infact I always paid early. How can they do this?

I had to go to my local credit union and borrow the additional 1.187.49 and send them another check for the amount of $109,475.64 even though I didn’t owe this amount. I hope and pray they will release my deed. This company are crooks. I called Chase several times telling them I didn’t owe this, all they would say is you are being penalized for paying your mortgage off early.

Greg G of Del Mar CA (09/18/06)
Chase Mortgage did not apply payment setup on their terrible internet service- the statements were not sent to the correct address, they did not contact me with phone number on file, resulting in a delinquency and foreclosure proceeding that cost me $3000 to undo. Customer service did not assist me in undoing this mistake on their part, only compounding the foreclosure fees.

Beverly of Buckeye AZ (09/06/06)
My mortgage loan was sold by Hamilton to Chase; I own unassessed property (1 acre divided from 17 parcels. Chase took property taxes for several parcels out of my escrow account. Resulting in my monthly payment raising $800/mo and Chase Customer Svc refuses to assist in solving this problem. Chase refuses to take any payment amt, will not let me speak to an Escrow manager or supervisor. I am preparing to write leter to the Office of Comptroller of Currency.

Cindy of Lathrop MO (08/09/06)
We are having problems with holding payments resulting in late charges. Reporting to credit bureaus late or deliquent. Payment is due the (1st) with 15 day grace period. We always pay before the 15. But they still report us deliquent. Is this legal?

Ruined our credit so we have no chance of refinancing with another bank. BLACK BALLED.

Eric of Gray Court SC (06/05/06)
I have been overcharged for my PMI on my home mortgage since February of 05. The original closing documents stated a charge of $46.67 for the PMI, but have been charged $80.00. I contacted Chase Home finance in January of 06 to report this error. After several months of research I was told in March that there was an error in the escrow in my favor. I was told I would receive the refund by the end of May of this year. Today is May 05 and I have yet to receive my refund. I called Chase Home Finance on June 5th and asked to have this account looked into once again and was told that this issue was going to be settled sometimes in August. I am tired of getting the run around with the money they owe me. 


Marzene of Fort Lauderdale FL (06/01/06)
Chase purchased my mortgage loan in 2004. After the then current homeowners and flood insurance policy period, Chase charged me for homeowners insurance for 2003-04 and 2004-05 even though they did not service my loan during the 2004-04 policy period and they were provided with the name of theinsurance companies for verification.

Chase has negatively reported my account as delinquent. Chase has charged me for homeowners insurance that I had been direct billed (and paid) by the respective insurance companies.

L of Pelham NH (05/22/06)
I am closing on my loan and my mortgage company requested a payoff from them and basically they refuse to fax the payoff. I called multiple times and they promised to expedite the request but their version of expedite is waiting 4 business days to get you the payoff. In the mean time my lock on my interest rate is running out and the closing that was setup cannot take place without them faxing the payoff. Not to mention there customer service is based on just getting you off the phone. If you ask for a manager they send you to a voicemail and that’s it. Needless to say I am never ever using them for a mortgage company again or for any other service.

L of Pelham NH (05/22/06)
I am closing on my loan and my mortgage company requested a payoff from them and basically they refuse to fax the payoff. I called multiple times and they promised to expedite the request but their version of expedite is waiting 4 business days to get you the payoff. In the mean time my lock on my interest rate is running out and the closing that was setup cannot take place without them faxing the payoff. Not to mention there customer service is based on just getting you off the phone. If you ask for a manager they send you to a voicemail and that’s it. Needless to say I am never ever using them for a mortgage company again or for any other service.

Denis of Turlock CA (05/15/06)
I had problems with them before and went to great lengths to avoid them as a mortgege holder. My loan was sold to them and they continuously attempt to include late fees in our statements. I have gone to the extreem of getting cashiers checks from the credit union and sending the payments through the priority mail with tracking number. These people are idiots. They just don’t get it. We owe no late fees. The May payment was delivered on May 1st at 5:30. This was tracked through the U.S. postal service. Today I got another letter with late fee and reminding me of the terms of the loan. They claim I never sent the payment. It was sent PRIORITY MAIL to the address included on the statement. They have commited a federal offence by doing this and I have had it.

My credit is damaged. I have paid late fees I never owed to try and get them to stop sending me these letters. I blamed my wife for screwing the house payments up but I have been handling that issue for about a year and we still have the same problems. I need help to force this bank to stop the late fees and be responsible for the mistakes currently and in the past.

Gina of Downey CA (05/02/06)
I was quoted a rate and only $2,000 in closing costs on a 2nd mortgae. The Notary came to the signing and my rate was a .50% point higher and instead of $2,000 they wanted to charge $7,654 in closing costs! Totally absurd and when I called to complain the rep had no answer when I pushed him if this is how they conduct business he replied that was the only loan he had. I asked for a manager and even called back and left the manager a message and no one has returned my call! I am out $390 that i paid for an appraisal!!

Wasted a month and out $390. I am upset they called my employer to verify employment I supplied all my financial information what a waste.

Elaine of Fountain Inn SC (04/23/06)
We had gotten a few months behind with Chase Home Finance …Chase filed foreclosure papers on us last February of 2005. I lost my brother on Jan. 21, 2005 of cancer, I received some insurance money from his insurance policy. Thank God, it took all the money I got from his insurance policy to get my home out of foreclosure in March of 2005. We have been on time ever since then.

I could not find a job and things got really bad around here, so we had to file for Bankruptcy 2-3 months ago. Anyway, we were unable to pay for March 2006 house payment. I mailed the check into Chase on the 13th of April and called them on the 19th and was told that they have not recieved my check yet. I was told to give it a few more days then call back. Well, Saturday the 22nd, we recieved “Notice of Motion for Relief From Automatic Stay” that was signed on the 21st. So, now Chase wants to take our home away from us after all we have been through. You see, I have been calling Chase explaining what was going on. Finally, praise God, I have a good job now and soon will be able to pay our bills on time. Chase should work with us to keep our home — Not take it from us!!!

Cheryl of Sparks NV (04/18/06)
I can’t understand why in the world such a large bank is not able to accept my payment online? I read some of the complaints and maybe it’s so you can get more late fee’s according to some of the letters I read , I was proud to have my morgage through Chase but now I’m starting to wonder if it is as good a bank as I thought.


Deborah  of Browns Mills NJ (04/12/06)
Chase Manhattan has mishandled our mortgage payments which are directly paid by Military Pension (both in Cleveland,Ohio). Payments are posted past the due date to incure a late charge or held so more interest is applied to account. We had to go bankrupt in 2001 due to unexpected foreclosure because of their error of mishandling funds. They were found negligent by a federal judge in our case. Our credit is bad due to their errors since they haven’t updated our credit report as directed by the judge. 

Chase Manhattan has now repeated the same scenario now that we have just finished the bankrupcy. Payments went to them and they claim they weren’t received when the military has said they have mailed Chase all the payments. We are supposed to have 7,000 left on our mortgage and they have the mortgage principle at $10,000 since Sept. of 2005 not minusing the payments which were sent from the military. Our mortgage is said to be paid up on Dec. 2008. It looks like Chase is playing games with the money either claiming they didn’t receive it,posting the money late or holding the money somewhere in their company. By doing this interest and late fees accure and we get put into foreclosure again by no fault of ours. Our lawyer has told us there are many with Chase Manhattan who have had the same problems exactly like ours.

Ronald of Orinda CA (03/24/06)
Mortgage company on many monthly payments charges me $67 late fee, claiming they did not recieve payment by 15th. Last month I mailed payment on the 11th and they claimed they recieved it on the 16th in Phoenix. When I contacted them they told me payment needs to be mailed 7 to 10 days before the 15th to avoid late fee. This only started after CHASE Home Finance took over my loan.

Philip of Rancho Cucamonga CA (03/21/06)
I wanted to refinace my home. I began the processed. When I received the paper work to sign, I noticed it was different numbers than promised. I canceled the refinance within the 3 day period allowed by federal law. I kept receiving phone calls that they would correct the problem if I closed on the refinance. I kept saying no! They refused to give me the $395 fee they charged me upfront. I spoke to the Supervisor of the refinance department. He was very angry when I said I would not do the refinace with them anymore.

Nilda of Dallas GA (03/06/06)
I have an escrow account error that was made by Chase but I can’t seem to get it corrected by them. They disbursed money out of my escrow account that shouldn’t have been disbursed. They blamed everyone else but themselves. 

My escrow account is showing a shortage due to them taking that money out of my account to pay taxes that had already been paid out by my builder of the house at closing. I even got my County Tax Commissioner to send me proof of tax payment for the year 2004 and I have that, which shows the builder paid it. I have sent a certified letter to a Manager-Jennifer S, who in turn, gave it to Marlena H in Research. 

Neither one has done anything to get in touch with me or send me the corrected escrow account. I have done everything possible to get them to correct their own error but to no avail. I even have a letter from them stating that they took out the money for 2004 taxes but still expected me to send the shortage of money to them to bring my escrow account up to date.

Mark of Arvada CO (03/01/06)
I had a mortgage with Chase quite happily for many years then when the rates dropped I refinanced and pulled equity in order to buy a second home. Chase then ‘bought’ the new loan and after about 6 months they raised the payment 35$ claiming a tax increase and escrow shortage. Since I was so happy the first time with them I just made the new payment. They then started demanding insurance on the property. It is a townhouse and the insurance is part of the HOA and not part of the mortgage itself. 

Despite HOA, insurance compay and myself send multiple copies of the policy and motgage agreement they felt the need to take out another policy anyway. I now have to pay the differance until they get the refund from the forced place insurance. 9 months? My payment went up almost 400$ a month equaling 4k+ a year for redundant insurace policy on a 150k townhome. 

Every month my statement reads I’m behind a month and last months payment is being held in suppense account because it’s ‘short’. Every month I recieve letters stating ‘accelerated forclosure’ along with harrassing phones calls demanding payment. Every month my cradit takes a hit because Chase insists payment is both late and short. Every month brings several heated phone calls at which time every single person I’ve talked to (well over 25 phone calls) tell me they can see ‘the problem’ and will order a new escrow analysis, yet it never gets done. 

Asking to speak to a supervisor results in either refusal or a voice mail that never gets returned. 9 months I have been hearing the same song along with assurances and garantees it will be corrected and a refund will be sent. If it wasn’t such a good loan I would refinance it tomorrow. Well, it would be a good loan if chase was forced to keep to the original agreement. I will NEVER willingly do business with any affiliate of Chase Manhatten ever again.


John of Farmington MN (02/24/06)
I have just recently paid off my loan to Chase. The Release of Lien was sent to my address, but in a different state. This in itself is an error that I could understand.

The person at that address forwarded the paperwork to me with a letter explaining what had happened. He phoned Chase and informed them of the error and then stated in the letter that they didn’t get too excited over it. Why am I recieving my Release paperwork from somebody in another state and have yet to hear from Chase on this?

The release states that the paperwork was sent to the County that I live in to keep on file (god only knows which state that they sent that one to). I can not believe the insensitivity of this company to not resend the paperwork.

If this good person had not sent me the paperwork, would I have ever received it? There is something seriously wrong in their process. I have also not received my escrow refund which according to my statement was mailed on 02/06. What is Chase trying to pull on me?

Robert of Columbia MO (02/23/06)
I have had nothing but problems with Chase ever since my loan was sold to them by Advanta. I just learned that my 2nd mortgage has been paid ahead for quite some time now due to an error in Chase’s billing cycle. I had called Chase multiple times about letters that I was receiving from them stating that I was late on my payment and the letter was an attempt to collect a debt. I was finally able to reach someone three months later who informed me that because I was paying ahead (which I knew nothing about) that their ccomputer system was sending out two bills in the month. 

One was showing the right date and amount, the second was due only two days after I received it and the amount was different. Don’t you think that if something were this messed up and the customer had called many times, that Chase might look into it and find out what happened? Nah, that would be too easy. 

The most recent thing that has transpired with Chase that I also have read in many other posts here is the delay in receiving my payoff amounts. I have my current house sold and plan to close on the 28th of this month. I called in and asked for Chase to send me the current payoff sheets for both of my loans, I have never seen them yet. I called up and was talking to a lady named December, who is extremely rude and very demeaning to customers. I explained to her that I had called in weeks before and asked for the payoff sheets to be sent to me and she told me that the computer didn’t show anything of the sort and basically called me a liar. 

I was able to claw my way up the food chain at Chase and was finally able to talk to someone who knew what they were doing. Problem is, I close on my new home on the 1st of March, which is also the day that the payoff sheets are suppose to hit. I am not putting any faith into what this company says, they say a 5 day turnaround time for these payoffs to be issued out, we will see if this happens. You can’t talk directly with anyone in the payoff department and are at the mercy of a fax machine to get your points across to them. With todays technology and customer service being the main priority, it just shows how much they care about their customers. This has been an absolute horrible company to deal with and I will never use them again for anything.

Vae of Colorado Springs CO (02/20/06)
Chase has LOST two of my mortgage payments (January and February 2006). My payment is set up to pay automatically on a regular basis through my bank every month. The bank sends the payment to Chase electronically (ACH). The Feb 2006 payment is the 5th payment Chase has lost since November 2004. This is the first time it is two months in a row and they have sent a letter stating they may take legal action. 

I have requested several times that my bank send proof of payment to Chase – and they have complied and Chase always responds with “this may take 10-14 days to research”. In the mean time I am called and harrased by collectors asking me where my payment is. I have written a letter to Chase asking that they STOP these harrassing calls immedicately but they have not. 

I have since requested my own copies of the bank transactions from my bank. My first “please wait 10-14 days” was on January 14th 2006, today is February 19th and I have tried to call Chase to ask the status of their investigation only to be told that they JUST received the information and that I would need to wait 10-14 days AGAIN. I am at a loss as to what I should do next. Calling and speaking to a different person in customer service only brings out the different types of customer service that is offered at Chase and a waste of my time as each person needs to read through the notes. In the end, I get nowhere.

Richard  of Sparks NV (02/04/06)
I had to have a second knee replacement surgery in October of 2005 and as a result we became short of money due to the co-pays for the surgery. We struggled along for a couple of months but it came to a point where we needed a month’s rest from our mortgage payment. We called customer service and were connected to the homeowner’s assistance department. To cut a long story short we agreed to pay a $500.00 fee for a forbearance. We only wanted a rest for one month but the representative from that department said that they only approved a forbearance for three months at a time, so we agreed. On February 1, I received a phone call demanding payment for the amount of $5072.72. 

Not only did Chase charge us the $500.00 forbearance fee but late charges on top of that and in addition reported us as being three months late on our credit report! My first point of distress is that I called Chase and attempted to work out a problem and the so-called “homeowner’s assistance” department who should “assist” the homeowner and not seize upon an opportunity to make the problem even worse. Instead of getting relief from our budgeting problem they ballooned our problem from $1171 to $5072. 

If there is a $500 charge for a “forbearance” why are they charging late payments and why are they reporting the forbearance period as late? I would have been much farter ahead to simply skip a payment and allow it to run late for the period of the loan. I sent them $1250.00 for the February 1 payment when they failed to contact me in a timely matter regarding our payment status. Chase has refused the $1250 and they say it is being returned because they want the full $5072 in one check. That means that the February payment will also be late and because they made us four months behind on payments they can start foreclosure proceedings on our property! Fortunately I got the money to pay them off the forbearance charges at the Credit Union that we bank with. 

We are also refinancing our mortgage through them. When a customer calls Chase customer service the customer’s concerns are never addressed. When we were at the credit union we called to get the payoff and got the same runaround as Joseph of Southfield MI (11/27/05) did in his letter. Even a phone call from the credit reporting Experion had a difficult time getting the information. (Chase never put the information on our credit report.) Richard, Sparks Nevada

Tina of Springfield OH (02/01/06)
November 2005 I made an on-line bill pay through my bank to Chase. The end of Nov. I received mail stating I had not made my payment along with receiving calls from a credit collection agency. I explained that the payment was made. I also talked with someone from the customer service department who said the payment was not received. I checked with my bank and Chase did receive the payment and showed it was posted. I have continued to receive late notices even though my bank has twice faxed proof of payment. (by the way the person “Robin” said she remembered the fax but didn’t know what happened to it. 

My bank even set up a conference call with Chase and all I get is “it will be turned over to the research department.” It is now February 1st and I am again getting calls that my payment late. The collection agency called me twice today. I can no longer get through to Chase to talk to anyone because the call goes directly to the collection agency. I have written a letter but I feel the only way to get resolution is through litigation.

Susan of Diamondhead MS (01/30/06)
On August 29, 2005 I lost my home to Hurricane Katrina. The property sustained a 93% loss of value. On the same day, I also lost every tangible possession I, and my family, owned. My place of employment for the prior thirteen years was also destroyed, leaving me unemployed. Due to the enormous scope of the disaster, the immediate future of my family became a paramount concern. I contacted Chase Home Finance on September 2, 2005 to inform of the damage and to inquire about payment options. I was told then by Chase representative, Andrew, that because of the disaster, my payments would be deferred for three months; on December 1, I would resume payments and the three deferred payments would be added to the end of the loan. 

My federally declared zip code qualified us for the deferment even with out the catastrophic damage to the home. I spoke with representatives of Chase on at least nine different occasions (date, time and names of representatives can be provided upon request), each time inquiring about my loan and how it would affect my standing and credit. Each time I was assured that the agreement I understood with Andrew was unchanged; I should resume payments in December. My last conversation with Chase prior to calling to make a payment was November 28, 2005. When I called on December 5, 2005, to make my December payment, Chase representative, Erica, told me that on November 1, 2005, Chase had decided not to honor the deferments. I was told that I owed four months, due now, and that if not paid in full by January 1, 2006 I would be reported as four months delinquent to the credit borough. 

I was also informed that because of my unemployment I did not qualify for a repayment plan. This caused me great concern. It was not the understood agreement. A repayment plan was finally established on January 5, 2006 with Chase representative Sonya. I offered to pay, in addition to my mortgage, $300 a month through October 2006 to bring my payments current. I made a full payment at that time. On January 23, 2006 I called to inquire about an insurance check sent for endorsement via overnight certified mail. 

This check was signed for by Carlton Foley on January 9, 2005. I was told that the check was being held because I was four months behind in my payments. I explained that a repayment plan had been set up, the first installment paid, and partial repair of the property depended on that insurance money. After considerable time on hold, I was assured that the problem had been corrected and the endorsed check would be forwarded to me immediately. On January 29, 2006, today, exactly five months after the storm, I received a call from the collections department asking what I intend to do with my delinquent account. 

Again I explained the payment agreement, and reiterated my intent to pay additional through October. After hanging up I called back to attempt to speak with a supervisor and rectify the confusion. I spent 29 minutes on hold before I spoke to Chase representative Leonard Blair. Mr. Blair informed me he worked in the collections department and he showed me as five months delinquent with no indication on my account of the payment plan, or record of the December or January payments. It took another 20 minutes on hold trying to speak to a supervisor only to be told that she would not speak to me and I would have to leave a message for someone to return my call. The promised return call never came although I left three contact numbers.

I have four children, my home is destroyed, my insurance company is not paying for damages below the roof, I am unemployed and I feel I have been deliberately misled by Chase.   I was told one thing and at the last moment everything regarding my loan changed. Because the repairs are out-of-pocket, I do not have the resources to rebuild a home, and pay what they are calling delequent payments.  Had Chase told me, I would have made regular mortage payments during the deferral period instead of investing in rebuilding the home.  I am very concerned that my credit will be negatively reflected.  I have requested documentation of the agreement but can not get anyone in management to speak to me.

Ernest  of Bonifay FL (01/26/06)
I closed on a mortgage with Chase in May 2004 and had to prepay mortgage insurance (a LARGE amount) which was financed into the loan. In October 2005 we had our house reappraised and then refinanced the mortgage for the expressed intent of getting a refund of the mortgage insurance. I began calling about the refund within a week of the closing because I have had 2 previous loans with Chase and have had multiple problems. 

I was assured by several people that they were processing the refund and that by law (or regulation) I would have it within 90 days. At the 90 day mark I began calling back and am starting at square one, they act like they’ve never heard of this problem and would place a work order for me — I can expect an answer in 44 DAYS. It’s absolutely ridiculous because I called multiple times to make sure this wouldn’t happen. They just DO NOT CARE. This is my third and final dance with Chase.

Sondra of Pearl MS (01/18/06)
We had our home financed thru Advanta who was bought out by Chase & that’s when our nightmare started!!! We had in March or April of 2001 made a 43cent error. We NEVER EVER got a notice or bill stating that we were late. They just started adding a monthly late fee over less than 50 cents. THEN WE SENT $100.00 in a seperate check along with payment to pay in full the payment in May of 2002 or 2003. 

The incompetent person who recieved the payment put the $100 into an escrow acct. which we did not have & again started charging more late fees. We knew nothing of either until we tried to finance another home & car thru the bank. They admitted their error, but refuse to fix their error because they say we owe 4 years of late fees due to the 43 cent error we knew nothing about. Now our credit is totaly ruined.

Ronald of Winchester NH (01/16/06)
Chase purchased house insurance for me after i had proven that i already had insurance.They charged me interest and late fees when i did not pay and because of this we lost our home. Chase is the most dishonest company we have ever delt with and would never recommend them to anyone. They foreclosed on our home and made us go through a lot of emotional distress. We had to sell our home which we did not want to do and gave us bad credit.

Kathleen of Carmichael CA (01/15/06)
Chase has flatly refused to waive the PMI on my condo mortgage, even though the 20% loan-to-value ratio was actually achieved shortly after I purchased the condo in 2003 due to the sharp hike in homes values at that time. Now, two years later, I am still paying PMI at the current rate of $65 a month, and Chase informed me by letter that I am required to pay PMI for the entire life of my mortgage — till 2022 !! 

Their representatives have actually admitted over the phone that this was bogus, but Chase has nonetheless consistently ignored my letters and faxes in this regard. Additionally, they have raised my monthly payments TWICE in the two years I’ve owned the condo, even though I have a fixed-rate 30-year loan!! The first $100 was understandable, due to the property being reassessed by the county. However, the second jump of over $100 was for an alleged “escrow shortage” – which is undoubtedly tied to the PMI costs I should not even be paying in the first place!!

Freida of Tampa FL (01/12/06)
For 5 months now I have had no payment coupons from Chase. I have told them via fax, phone to customer service that I was out of coupons. I have paid my usual payment through my online banking, sending them a payment last month for $1,400 ( my monthly payment was $621.59 ) I received a letter yesterday with 4 payment coupons inside dating back to Dec 1, 2005.( I’ve already paid my 1/1/06 payment based on previous monthly payment) 

The monthly payment on new coupons is $759.00! The letter states that I owe 2 monthly installments the total amount being $1,310.02. States, If I do not make immediate payment of the amount, the Lender will take legal action. I DO NOT OWE THIS AND I DO NOT KNOW WHY MY MONTHLY PAYMENT HAS CHANGED ! The times I have tried to talk to someone at Chase, they are always sarcastic and have a condescending attitude. Who needs that. 

Kathleen of Mahopac NY (01/10/06)
Approximately 9 months ago Chase Manhattan Mortgage Co began billing me an escrow amount because they said my homeownwers insurance had lapsed. The total they said due was approx. 2881.00. My homeownwers insurance is only $750.00 per year. My insurance had not lapsed- i had changed insurance companies. I had my new insurance co- Nationwide- provide them with proof of insurance. They then said they needed my prior insurance info- again my agent faxed them. The next reason was that i was not paying enough insurance. 

It was when I tried to refiance, and found that Chase Manhattan Mortgage had listed me as being in bankrupcy that everything made sense. In 1996 I filed for bankruptcy and the amount owed to Chase was very similar to the 2881.00 that they were now trying to collect.I have only owned my home since 2000, and have only had a mortgage with Chase Manhattan since 2002. I was under the impression that they could not collect any debt that had been discharged in Bankruotcy Court. At 750.00 per year, I could not possibly owe them 2881.00 in insurance. They are now threatening foreclosure.

Charles of Geneva OH (01/07/06)
After over 2 weeks, and multiple requests for a payoff statement by mail and fax, we finally recieved the must unreadable statement I have ever seen. This long wait was unnessecary as we had the money at our finger tips, and simply needed to know how much to send and where to send it. All of this info was illegible, so the fax was completely useless. Upon trying to contact Chase Mortgage, they told me that they did not have the address to send payoff to, so I would have to contact the payoffs department, which will not take my calls. I do not understand how this is possible in todays society….

Cheryl of Ocala FL (12/25/05)
Living in Florida I had to deal with several hurricanes this year,and had to go without power and water. The longest time without essentials was 11 days during our span of 3 hurricanes.  At that time I was working two jobs — a veterinary nurse and a substitute teacher. The school was shut down to be used as a shelter and my other job’s building was badly damaged. So I was out of wirk for almost 2 wks. 

Well from all this I got behind and entered into a claim aggrement program provided by government. The government program allows you to move a determined amount of payments to the rear of your loan, and then you are responsible for any ining balance.(After applying for this program it took them 6 months to send 1egal document for me to sigh and take to bank to get notirized and appropriate signatures) Upon receving my first set of legal documents, I found a mathmatical error of $400.00.

I called and they said they would have another corrected copy sent out. The second document arrived with the math corrected  but the due date for payment was the day prior to me receiving the packet. I called once again and explained I was not comfortable signing a legal document that was incorrect. I was informed that there was nothing they could do and where I had to sign was only the coversheet and actually not a part of the legal document.

So in order to save my house I had to take the paperwork to the back for all appropriate signitures and get a cashiers check for 3,831.42 for my portion and get all appropriate signitures. That was in April-2005. I enclosed a letter requesting a phone call for verbal conformation of documents arrival and if everything
was properly signed. I never received a phone call. 

I had not received a  statment on my account for over 6 months, so I was waiting for my next statement showing I was all current. I never received a statement until
after getting a phone call from them telling me they had made a mistake and my portion of payment should have been more. I then received a statement
with an outrageous amount due with all late fees and a monthly 17.00 fee for checking to see if I occupy residence.

Also the 3,831.42 was not applied to my account and was just being held, and to this day they still have my money and they put me in foreclosure, saying
that the program deadline had passed.

Sunil  of River Forest IL (12/18/05)
My father recently refinanced a Mortgage with Chase. He’s being paying the bills on time. However, there computers take more than a week to process payments. As soon as the payments show up as late in the system, we start to receive constant harrassing phone calls to our home. As soon as we pick up the phone to say hello, we are put on hold for an average of 3-4 minutes asking to wait to speak to someone. When we explain that we’ve already payed and ask why we keep getting the calls, they insist that we provide proof via fax. However, if they call during a weekend, the fax won’t be received until Monday. 

When we ask to speak to a manager about why the payments are constantly not recorded in their system, they refuse to provide us with a manager. When we ask for a number to call about this, the number we dial does not allow us to speak with anyone. This is a very poor business practice and I would classify it as harrassment. Keep in mind that my father has actually PAID his bill on time and we’re still dealing with this!

Michael of Bellevue WA (12/16/05)
My mortgage company recently sold my mortgage to Chase. In November, my mortgage company told me to pay them, then Chase started demanding payment. I finally resolved the issue the last week of November and made a payment to Chase. At first they refused to accept the payment unless I also made my upcoming December payment as well. I refused and after about 25 telephone calls in 6 days they allowed me to just make the November payment. I then told them I get paid the 5th of every month and would make my mortgage payment then – as I had done for five years.

Even though my December payment would not be considered late until the 17th, I began receiving harassing calls on the 1st of December for payment. They insisted my account was in collections for the December payment, even though it was the first of the month. I paid the mortgage on the 6th via telephone for a $12 fee, and now even though its still December I have received 3 calls asking if I would like to make my january payment. Surely, as I was never late and asked them not to call anymore; and they proceeded to call 4-5 times per day for invalid reason this constitutes some type of harassment?  This is the same company that raised my credit card rate to 29% for being a single day late, and would not change it back after six years of early payments with no carried balance.

Jack of Kaukauna WI (12/01/05)
I was consolidating house loan through another provider. Chase never cashed the loan check. They never let me know. I talked to them for two weeks about clearing up a duplicate account they sent to the Credit Report on me and they told me on the second week that I was late on a payment. Late? I told them I was paying on a full mortgage with someone else. It took another week to clear it up. Since then, I have not been able to consolidate my credit card and car loan debt because they cannot fax me a simple letter telling us they accidently duplicated the account to the credit bureau. I called them on October 12 – I received a letter today 12/01/05. Wrong letter.

Joseph of Southfield MI (11/27/05)
We were suppose to close on refinancing our home loan. Chase Home Finance refused to fax a payoff letter,stating it takes 5-7 days by mail. The payoff was requested 2 weeks prior to the closing date,but we never received the payoff letter. We were unable to close on 11/22 due to Chase Home Finance refusal to fax a simple payoff letter. We feel that they are holding their customers loans to keep them from refinancing with other mortgage companies. Peaople are unable to refinance with other mortage companies without a payoff letter from Chase. 

David of Carolina Beach NC (09/26/05)
Chase mortgage loan statements include 2 coupons for monthly payment. The coupon that is at the bottom and the first one to remove with the bill is a discounted ($5.00) for an option of their accelerated payment program. The way it is set up, and without carefully scrutinizing the statement part it is easy to use the discounted coupon for payment and be $5 short on the monthly mortgage.

This trickery finally caught up with me.  They received my payment on time but having used the wrong coupon it was $5 short.  I received a call days before the end of the month, when it was going to collections, and they notified me that I needed to pay $35 to avoid going to collections (the $5 plus a 600%, $30 late fee).  The extra double whammi was I was notified so late that to avoid going to collections I have to telephone pay the bill outstanding, but can only do it in full mortgage amount increments so, not only to they sock me with the $30 late fee, they get my full mortgage payment for next month in advance too!  This all seems an intentional method of deception, and makes me wonder how many people fall prey to the same trickery?

Joseph of Southfield MI (11/27/05): 
We were supposed to close on refinancing our home loan. Chase Home Finance refused to fax a payoff letter,stating it takes 5-7 days by mail. The payoff was requested 2 weeks prior to the closing date, but we never received the payoff letter. We were unable to close on 11/22 due to Chase Home Finance refusal to fax a simple payoff letter.

David of Carolina Beach NC (9/26/05): 
Chase Mortgage loan statements include 2 coupons for monthly payment. If the wrong coupon is used, the monthly payment is $5.00 short each month. Unknowingly, I had sent in several months of the incorrect coupons. In order to avoid going to collections, Chase is ordering me to pay the $35 shortage, a $30 late fee and the next monthly installment in advance. These coupons seem like an intentional method of deception to make more money.

Tina of Smyrna DE (9/23/05): 
In 2003 we filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in hopes of saving our home. In 2004 we released our home from the bankruptcy claim and left prior to foreclosure. We found a potential buyer in October 2004 and our realtor contacted Chase Manhattan Mortgage to start the Short Sale Option application process. We would not receive funds from the sale of the home;however, the foreclosure would be removed from our credit report. The buyer agreed to pay $140,000, but the appraisal came in at $195,500. Due to the high appraisal, our Short Sale request was denied and Chase required that the home be purchased at full value. The buyer then offered $180,000 and we were supposed to settle on 8/15/05. The settlement was postponed; however, because SunTrust (our previous mortgage company) and Chase could not find the title. The property ultimately went to Sherriff’s Auction on 9/08/05 and Chase bought the property. We lost the sale and the buyers lost their home.

Charna of Neshanic Station NJ (9/20/05): 
On the date of my closing with Chase Manhattan Mortgage, I supplied proof of Flood, Hazard and Homeowner’s insurance coverage for the property I was purchasing. Four months later, I received a letter from Chase stating they had no record of this information. I sent them photo-copied policy information including phone numbers of the insurance companies and broker. The insurance was paid in full prior to closing and runs from the closing date until 2006. Today, I have received another letter from Chase stating that they are taking out insurance on my property since I have not provided proof of coverage.

Jim of Ocala Fl (9/20/05): 
I have an adjustable rate second mortgage with Chase. Because of the adjustable rate, the payment due varies each month. Chase claims that they send a statement directly after receiving a payment; however, I do not receive a statement from them until a few days before the next payment is due. If the subsequent payment is then received even one day late, Chase applies late fees to the next payment. Chase’s customer service provided no resolution; therefore, I contacted the Federal Trade Commission who suggested I speak with a lawyer regarding the improper late fees and possible foreclosure.

Kenneth of Roanoke VA (9/17/05): 
We have received an acknowledgement-of-payoff letter from Chase Home Finance LLC; however, due to erroneous claims of default by Chase, our credit report contains false information which has not been corrected to date.

Michelle of Yonkers NY (9/11/05): 
We made our mortgage payment in the amount of $762 via Chase’s bill pay website on 6/30/05. Chase claimed they only received $450 and placed that amount in a suspense account. Upon further investigation, Chase claimed that we had insufficient funds to pay the remaining amount. We have provided Chase with documentation from our bank showing funds were available, payment cleared and routing information; however, Chase needs more documentation. The Chase Research Department has not been able to resolve this issue and does not return phone calls. I am writing a letter to William Harrison (Chairman & CEO), Scott Powell (CEO- Finance Dept.) and Thomas Wind (CEO-Finance Dept.). Our account is now $290 past due.

Cindi of Los Angeles CA (8/24/05): 
I had 2 mortgages with Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation. In August 2004, Chase misposted my payment on the second mortgage and reported me as delinquent. I filed a dispute with all 3 credit reporting agencies, and after 2 months the reports were corrected. I then paid $119 for a credit monitoring service to insure that I would be notified of any negative information posted to my file. Due to Chase’s ineptitude and falling interest rates, I moved my mortgages. I tried to refinance my home shortly thereafter and discovered that 2 of the 3 credit agencies again showed the erroneous information from Chase. I have now had this taken off my credit report 3 different times and it is showing up for the fourth time. Chase keeps correcting the information and then re-submitting the erroneous information to the agencies. Both of my refinances were delayed due to Chase’s error and interest rates rose while I was trying to get the information corrected.

Ray of Idaho Falls (8/09/05): 
My wife received our home in our divorce 7 years ago; however, Chase continues to report my ex-wife’s recent bankruptcy on my credit report. I sent Chase a notarized letter signed by both parties stating that I am no longer responsible for the house or the payment. I have not spoken to a representative after 1 year and 8 attempts to contact them. I have been given 5 years to rewrite the loan on my current home or I will lose it. My loan officer informed me that I cannot be approved for a loan with my ex-wife’s bankruptcy on my report and I am nearing the 5 year limit.

Michelle of Chicago IL (8/08/05): 
When I contacted Chase last year to find out why my mortgage rate had increased and why monthly payments weren’t being posted to my account balance, Chase explained that my account had gone into escrow due to lack of homeowner’s insurance and that forced insurance had been placed on my mortgage. Upon contacting my insurance carrier, I discovered that they had not processed my renewal policy upon receipt of my payment to them. This problem was corrected; however, Chase had already reported me to the credit agencies for late and slow payments (they were still billing the forced insurance which I was not paying). Chase has yet to rectify the problem and my credit rating has dropped substantially.

Rahim of Collingdale PA (07/30/05): 
We went into foreclosure with Chase last summer. We then sent them a lump sum payment of $13,000. We never received a statement showing how the money had been applied or the amount of the next monthly payment. I contacted Chase and received a statement showing that the rate had increased, we were being charged late fees for March and that the April payment had been delinquent (we did not have a statement from Chase at that time and assumed the April payment had been included in the $13,000). We thought we were paid until the end of May 2005; however, Chase says we are only paid through April 2005.

Michele of Grandview MO (7/27/05): 
My mortgage was sold to Chase Home Finance in April 2004. I lost my job the same month and began to fall short on payments. I explained the situation to Chase and sent them what I could afford to pay. Now when my payment is just a few days past due, Chase harasses me.

Kelly of North Lauderdale FL (7/26/05): 
On July 22, 2005 I contacted Chase Manhattan’s customer service to apply a payment to my account since their website, which I normally use, was unavailable. I also inquired about a suspense account placed on my loan. Amber verified my banking information and payment amount and attempted to explain the suspense account. I was not satisfied with her answer and asked to speak with a manager. I was then placed on hold for 58 minutes. I called back on July 25, 2005 and spoke with Tolu, who informed me that a payment was not applied to my account, there was no record of my conversation with Amber and I could not speak with a manager without making a payment. I insisted and spoke with Jennifer Claiborne. She explained there was record of my conversation but no payment had been applied to my account. I was told there would now be a $20 fee added for over-the-phone payment. If I chose not to pay, the website would be up on the 29th, but that would make my payment late. My questions regarding the suspense account were never satisfied. My loan was sold to Chase Manhattan 4 years ago and I have been dissatisfied with their customer service since that time.

Charity of Florence AL (6/27/05): 
Upon divorce, my husband received sole responsibility for our home. While applying for apartments 2 years later, I discovered my credit report showed that I was seriously delinquent on that home’s mortgage through Chase. I had not been contacted because Chase said they were in touch with my husband and they are not required to contact both parties; however, my husband is military, stationed in Korea, and could not be reached at that time. The account was almost in foreclosure and I attempted to contact the VA and my ex-husband. I was able to sell the home through a Short Sale and remedy the situation. Chase advised they would remove my name from any accounts and would correct the credit reports. For months the cycle continued: the report would show the error, I would contact Chase and the error would be removed yet again. I applied for a home loan recently and was approved. Before closing, my report was pulled again and the error was back on the report. Chase is now reporting that the account is delinquent through July 2004; however, the home was sold in October 2003. Each month I have them remove my name only to find it resubmitted the next month. My credit score is lowered and I will lose the contract on my new home if Chase does not settle this once and for all.

Maria of Miami Beach FL (6/26/05): 
I have been trying to waive the mortgage insurance on my home since February 2005. I contacted Chase to see whether my home qualifies to have the insurance waived. I paid $325 and gave consent for Chase to use an authorized appraiser to assess the value of my home. The appraiser compared my home of 1,200 square feet to another unit of only 890 square feet; therefore, the appraised value is lower than I expected and too low to qualify for exemption from the mortgage insurance. In order to have the property re-appraised, I will have to pay another $325. Until then, I will have to continue to pay $151 per month for the forced insurance.

Allyn of Orland FL (6/24/05): 
I applied for a mortgage on 4/27/05. I received a preapproval letter and gave Chase Capital all necessary documentation for a loan. I called Michael at Chase on 5/25/05. He stated that everything was set to close on 6/15/05 and no additional information was needed from me. On 6/24/05, Michael called and said the lender needed more information from the HOA. This forced me to extend the closing date to 6/24/05. On 6/23/05 I spoke to Josh, Michael’s manager, who said the loan would be clear by 10 AM. It was not. When I called Michael again on 6/24/05, he said the lender still needed more information before clearing the loan. I have been put off and lied to by Chase and it appears we will not be able to close again today. If we do not close, I will not only lose my deposit, but I will also lose a tenant ready to move in on 6/30/05 as well as a $38,000 profit offered to me on this property.

Trinka of Tampa FL (6/17/05): 
Chase Manhattan will not credit any payment received unless it is the exact amount billed. They have been holding a payment of $1,674.11 because it was $30 short due to an increased escrow amount. I paid the $30, but I am now being charged an additional $60 late fee and they continue to credit my on-time payments to the previous month’s “amount due” while still holding the $1,674.11. I how have a $101 discrepancy and Chase is threatening to ruin my credit. This is not the first time this has happened to us. Last year they automatically charged our account for insurance because they said they never received proof of insurance from us even though we sent it to them on numerous occasions. We finally paid the $127 for fear of credit problems. Chase needs to find a better system for receiving payments that do not match their statements and stop their unethical practices.

Laura of Highland UT (6/10/05): 
My ex-husband was given a court order mandating that he make payments on a home for which my father and I held the loan. My father’s interest was later conveyed to a family trust. The court also allowed my ex an interest in the home since he claimed to have made improvements to the property. My ex’s attorney wrote a letter to Chase representing my ex as the loan holder. Without any notice to me, Chase changed the loan to show my ex’s name in lieu of my family’s trust. I believe my ex and his lawyer have provided fraudulent information to Chase and I have requested that Chase provide me with all documentation on file; however, they refuse to provide me with any of the loan records including correspondence and documentation of the change and an account history. Without this information I cannot provide adequate evidence of the fraudulent misrepresentation by my ex and his lawyer. My ex now has the upper hand in demanding ownership of the home.

Harold of Cathlamet WA (6/10/05): 
Each month I mail my mortgage payment to Chase where it sits for a week or more before being applied to my account. Chase benefits from this by allowing my loan to accrue more interest. This practice should be stopped!

Alina of New York NY (6/09/05): 
Funds for a mortgage payment to Chase were debited from my checking account on 5/11/05. The actual check was not written by Chase until 5/19/05 and the payment was not posted to Chase until 5/26/05. I do not know where my funds were between the 11th and the 19th. This has costs me late charges and aggravation dealing with mortgage and on-line departments who promised to waive fees and never did.

Claude of Thompson ND (5/06/05): 
My wife lost her job and was unemployed for 3 months. We contacted Chase Mortgage Company and spoke with Julian, a customer service representative. My wife explained our situation and Julian volunteered to delay 2 mortgage payments which we would then make up by paying 3 consecutive larger payments. We were given dates and amounts due. Then 2 weeks ago, we received certified mail stating that we were 2 months past due and would be sent to collections. We contacted Chase, spoke with an extremely rude customer service rep who informed us that $2,500 was due immediately and there was no record of any such agreement, only that there had been a conversation which had been disconnected (which was not true). After many attempts, we finally spoke with a supervisor, also rude, who said the only thing we could do was set up a payment plan. We reluctantly agreed and gave her our net income and monthly bills information as requested. She then told us that we did not qualify for a payment plan because our bills were more than our income. I do not know how she figured this from the numbers given. Now my credit rating has been lowered and my credit card limit has been reduced.

Meridee of Albany OR (4/13/05): 
From October 1999 to present, we have been in dispute with Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company regarding a check that cleared our bank but was never posted to Chase for our mortgage payment. We have been in constant phone contact with Chase to resolve this issue but to no avail. In addition, we have supplied copies of the cancelled check and our bank statements from October 1999 to February 2000 on numerous occasions via registered/certified mail/return receipt. Bank of America has contacted Chase on our behalf. We then contacted the Federal Reserve who suggested we contact our local Attorney General’s office. Chase’s collections department calls us weekly and mails correspondence monthly to our home. Our credit reports show we defaulted and our credit rating has plummeted. Now we must sell our home and move to another state due to job changes and we need this resolved immediately.

Joan of Lorton VA (4/06/05): 
I returned a call to Chase Mortgage at which time I was informed that my most recent payment was in a hold account since the escrow amount had increased and I had sent an incomplete payment. They charged me late fees and reported me to the credit agencies. (I had also paid my other mortgage twice by accident, but no one informed me of that.) I spoke with a rude customer service rep and his rude manager who both said there was nothing they could do to help me. I have been a good Chase customer for many years. I do not appreciate the rudeness and I resent being sent to collections and reported to the credit bureau so quickly. This has had a negative effect on my credit, I have spent hours switching my credit cards to another bank and I will have to incur more expense to refinance.

Rauf of Staten Island NY (3/09/05): 
Two months ago, I requested an application to remove PMI from my loan. I received the application almost 5 weeks later. I paid $345 for an appraisal performed by a qualified appraiser of Chase’s choice. I resubmitted the form to Chase the day after the appraisal and then called same day to have them remove the PMI. I was told I would have to wait a few days. I keep calling them to remove the insurance and each time I am told it will be a few more days. They refuse to transfer me to anyone else. I have done what Chase requested, but they have not fulfilled their obligation and I am still paying PMI.

Judith of Cumberland RI (2/15/05): 
I had a mortgage with Chase Manhattan 7 years ago which I refinanced with another company. Although I have a letter from Chase stating the loan was paid, they still reported me to the credit agencies for having an unpaid loan. I now have a lower credit score and have been denied credit on numerous occasions due to Chase’s error.

Curtis of Elk Grove CA (2/04/05): 
I refinanced a home and closed on 12/01/04. Included in this refinance was a payoff of a $64,000 home equity line of credit with Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company. The terms of my contract would allow this account to stay open for 10 years (2013). I called CMCC 12/01/04 to verify that my account would remain open and to change my mailing address. A CMCC customer care representative confirmed this information. On 12/19/04, I discovered that CMCC had closed my account without my authorization. The following includes dates on which I called CMCC and requested that my account be reopened: 1/06/05, 1/11/05, 1/24/05, 1/26/05, 1/31/05, 2/02/05, 2/03/05 and 2/04/05. Originally, I was told that I signed a statement requesting that my account be closed. I was later told that First American Title requested that my account be closed. I contacted Capitol Mortgage and informed my loan officer, Marguerite Galvez, of this problem. Marguerite contacted First American Title (Kelly) and requested that they look into the matter. First American Title stated that they have no legal right to close or request that a customer’s account be closed. Additionally, I received CMCC’s payoff informational letter, dated 9/27/04, which includes the following statement, “Please note that CMCC has NOT closed your line of credit. If you wish to close your account, please sign below to authorize CMCC to do so. Please send a copy of this signed letter with your payoff check.” I did not sign this letter nor did I authorize CMCC to close my account. CMCC has advised me that there is nothing that can be done because the Deed of Trust has been recorded and I should reapply for another home equity line of credit. When I inquired about reapplying, I discovered that the terms were very different and I would have to accept a much higher interest rate, an annual fee and a recording fee. I objected because I had already paid a considerable amount in May 2003 for this home equity line of credit: total loan charges and credits ($1,000), limited coverage policy ($100), recording fees ($46), escrow fee ($294), signing fee ($125) and FEDEX/Courier ($30). On 2/04/05 Linda Brasher, CMCC Customer Care Advocate, rudely indicated that I have no recourse other than reapplication. She stubbornly denies that CMCC has ignored it’s very procedures and insisted that blame lies with the title company. I am in the process of making home improvements and cannot proceed without reapplying for a new equity line which will cost well over $1,500 and will only be realized throughout the life of the loan. I am requesting that this matter be investigated and that I receive information about reopening an account with the original terms.

Jolyn of Phoenix AZ (1/12/05): 
I refinanced my Chase home loan on 11/22/04. My original loan was with Chase as well, and I called before the 11/22/04 closing date to confirm that my payment of $1,313.31 for the original loan would not be automatically deducted from my account. I received a letter of confirmation that the payment would not be withdrawn; however, on 12/02/04 my loan payment was withdrawn even though the loan was already closed. I promptly called Chase after receiving my bank statement and spoke with Darrel Stodges, a supervisor in the Customer Care Center. He stated he would request that the funds be returned to me either through overnight service or regular procedure which could take up to 30 days. When I returned from vacation on 1/04/05, the funds had not been delivered. On 1/05/05, I spoke with Gail in the Customer Advocate Center who did not know where my funds were or when I would receive them. She offered to open a search for the money which would take 5-7 business days. I called on 1/12/05 and spoke with AC Freeman who stated the issue had not been resolved and there was no one else with whom I could speak to help resolve the issue. Nicole Robinson, who is researching this case, and Amanda Grandin, supervisor, will not take customer calls. I suffered financial hardship in the month of December 2004 when funds were withdrawn from my account in error, and now, I will not be able to make the January payment because Chase is holding my money. I request that Chase apply the payment to the new loan and waive the late fees. I will pay the additional $121 to make the mortgage payment complete.

Angela of Miramar FL (1/09/05): 
My mortgage was recently sold to Chase Manhattan Mortgage. I have complained repeatedly to Chase because they seldom send statements. I have asked for automatic withdrawal, but Chase charges a fee for this service. If Chase does not send me statements, I may be reported to the credit agencies because I do not know what amount to pay each month.

Marianne of Kensington CA (12/20/04): 
I used the electronic billing system to pay my Chase monthly mortgage payment; however, the payment posted to an old account that is no longer active. I have tried to resolve the issue for over a month, have been on the phone at least 10 times with 15 or more people and still do not have this issue resolved. Not only do they have this payment, but I also made an additional payment of $1,342.82 that has not been posted anywhere. My interest is accruing each day and they have my money, but will not apply it properly.

Cherlynn of Pasadena CA (12/17/04): 
Chase bought my loan from CENLAR and immediately raised the monthly payments on a fixed rate loan. After numerous attempts to contact Chase and never getting a sufficient answer, I mailed my original loan payment amount. After 3 months, Chase would no longer accept payments from me. Chase claimed that I defaulted on the loan and sold my home without notifying me of the sale.

Brian of Quakertown PA (12/13/04): 
I attempted to pay off my mortgage with Chase by sending them the entire balance, including interest, in lieu of my monthly installment. Ten days later they returned my check with a letter stating that a payoff had to be from certified funds. In the meantime, I had assumed that the check was lost, placed a stop-payment on the check and re-sent the funds electronically via an on-line bill paying feature through my bank as I usually did. It is now a week later and Chase does not acknowledge that they have received my payment. Now I will have to get my bank involved to prove that the money was sent. If Chase returns this payment, I will be late on my monthly installment simply because I tried to pay off my loan.

Cris of Memphis TN (12/11/04): 
I received a letter from America’s Servicing Company on 2/01/04 notifying me that my Chase mortgage had been sold to them. When I finally received a statement, it showed more than $3,000 in late fees applied during the transfer of the loan. When I spoke to ASC, they informed me that Chase had applied these fees. My payments were not late. Chase had no justification for these late fees; they have not removed the charges from my current account with ASC; and now, ASC is demanding payment.

Matthew of Orange City FL (11/15/04): 
After one month with First Franklin, Chase Mortgage bought our loan. We were not aware of this buyout and continued to make monthly payments to First Franklin. After the 3rd month, we received a letter from Chase stating that they had purchased our loan and that we were behind on payments. We contacted them and explained we had made payments to First Franklin which should have been forwarded to Chase. It has been one year now that we have been sending cancelled checks, bank statements and any other information that Chase has requested; however, this issue has still not been resolved. Chase has reported us to the credit agencies, our rating has dropped, and Chase still claims we owe them money.

Bob of Coral Springs FL (10/31/04): 
After going through 2 hurricanes in Florida, I requested a 2 month moratorium from Chase on our mortgage payments. LaShawn Jackson, Senior Loan Counselor for Chase, sent a letter granting the moratorium. She specifically stated in this letter that Chase would not report the mortgage as unpaid to the credit agencies and they would not apply late fees to our payments. I received a default letter on 10/08/04 and Chase reported us to all 3 credit agencies. LaShawn Jackson has now stated that the letter was a mistake and that by law, Chase has to report us to the agencies. Our credit score has been lowered as a result.

Lynn of Winter Park FL (10/21/04): 
I have 2 loans with Chase Manhattan. June 2004 I was unable to make my payments on-line due to a problem with Chase’s system. When I tried to make my payment, it was sent to someone else’s account. After an hour trying to figure out the problem, Chase’s tech support still did not have an answer. I then called Chase to make the payment over the phone, but their computer systems were down. When I finally did make the payment, I was charged late fees and phone payment fees for both mortgages. July 2004 I made payments for each loan on-line; however, only 1 payment was applied. It took over 100 phone calls and until 9/21/04 for them to apply the funds correctly, and they still have not cleared my credit reports. From 8/13/04 to 9/18/04, we were without electricity due to hurricanes. We called Chase’s “Hurricane Hot-Line” over 300 times via cell phone and each time received a message stating their mail box was full. We finally faxed them and provided them with our FEMA and insurance case numbers. In the meantime, we paid Chase for 9/04 and 10/04 payments on both loans; however, we received so many harassing phone calls from Chase for late fees that we had to file legal orders to stop the calls. Now Chase is posting notices on our property which has embarrassed us in front of our professional clientele. They have ruined our perfect credit and we are unable to move our loans due to a low credit score.

Christine of Ronkonkoma NY (10/19/04): 
After having a mortgage with Chase for 10 years, my husband and I divorced. As specified in the court order, I lived in the house for 2 more years until our daughter turned 18. At that time the house was to be sold and the proceeds divided between my ex and me. After the 2 year stipulation, I bought out my ex’s share by refinancing, paying off Chase and starting a new mortgage. My ex signed a Bargain and Sale Deed in May 2004 and the attorneys present at the closing assured us this was proper procedure. Now it is October 2004 and I am still trying to prove to Chase that I should receive the entire $421.21 check left over from escrow. They want to send a joint check with my name and my ex’s name. Obviously, we cannot cash a joint check as we are no longer married. I have provided them will all documentation requested and the attorneys agree that my ex signing the house over is all the proof that Chase needs. Chase is now keeping the money until this issue is resolved.

Karl of Ontario CA (10/18/04): 
Chase Mortgage Company has reported inaccurate information to the credit agencies. They incorrectly stated that my home was used as collateral in a foreclosure settlement. Proof was submitted to Chase in an effort to have the credit information corrected; however, Chase has sent me from one department to another, each stating that a mistake has been made, but no one has corrected the error. My credit rating has fallen and is jeopardizing my chance of getting another mortgage.

Cindi of Los Angeles (8/24/05) 
I had two mortgage loans, a first and a second, with Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation. I have always paid my mortgage on time. In August, 2004 Chase misposted my payment for my second mortgage and reported me as delinquent. I filed a dispute with all three agencies. After two months of frustrating phone calls and faxes and cancelled checks this error was finally corrected and reported to the credit bureaus.

It was such a frustrating experience that I paid $119 for a credit monitoring service to insure that I was notified to any derogatory information was posted on my file. Rates were falling so I decided to take my business away from Chase because of their complete ineptitude. Shortly thereafter I tried to refinance my home and discovered the erroneous information was appearing on two of the three credit bureaus (Experian and Equifax). I went through the same cycle again (phone calls, letters and faxes) to get this information corrected. This delayed my refinance by almost two months.

In March 2005 I again looked to refinance my home due to the great rates being offered. As I was going through the process this erroneous information reappeared in my credit file. I filed disputes with the agencies and Chase confirmed my supposed delinquency so the agencies would not change the information. Again it was supposedly corrected. For a third time I went through the phone calls, faxes, etc. to get Chase to fix this error. I checked my credit report today and Chase once again is reporting that I was delinquent. I have all the correspondence between myself and Chase as well as the cancelled check proving that I was never late. Now for a fourth time I have to go through this again to get my credit reports corrected.

Chase seems to be correcting the information and then later submitting the erroneous information. I am at my wit’s end.

Michele of Grandview MO (7/27/05): 
I had my mortgage sold to Chase in April of 2004. I also lost my job that same month so of course that meant that my payments were going to fall behind due to the loss of income. I was contacted by them on several occassions and told them the extent of the situation. They had told me that they needed for me to get the money in asap. I told them that I was working on getting that done and they also said that I should go take out a payday loan to get them their money.

Well I got the money to them (did not take out a payday loan) and had sent them their money. Now they are constantly harassing me even when the payment is just a few days past due.

This has caused me a lot of stress because I could not afford to have my house foreclosed on and my family be out on the streets. No one at this company will listen to anything you have to say. They are basically saying that even though people fall on hard times, that is not their problem and the customer needs to take care of it the best way they can.

Allyn of Orlando FL (6/24/05): 
I applied for a mortgage on 4/27/05 I received an preapproval letter and proceeded to give Chase Capital all necessary doc for a loan The closing was scheduled for 6/15/05. On 5/25 I called Michael to ask how thing are going and what else do I need, he said were good we will close on 6/15. On 6/14/05 Michael called and said the lender needed more info from the HOA. This angered me due to the fact that it is the day prior to close. This forced me to get an extension to 6/24/05 which Mike said would be fine and we proceeded to get the info needed. 

On 6/23 I spoke to Mike’s manager Josh and he said we would have a clear to closer by 10am Which we did not have. I called Mike on 6/24 and he said the lender needed a little more information to clear the loan. you can imagine my anger!! I am now forced to get a 2nd extension until the 27th and was told by Mike we would have a clear to close by 12 noon on 6/24/05 It is now 3:30 and no clear to close. Mike says that he is working to get us to the front of the line and the lender has our file on the underwriters desk ready for signature .I keep calling and they tell me that we are working on it and will get back to you!

The relocation co. said if we don’t close by monday the deal is off therefore I will lose not only my deposit but an additional 38,000 dollars of value. Which has already been offered too me! This transaction has been the worst in history My broker has lied too me! said he faxed info to the lender he didn’t I spoke to the lender personally! and he confirmed that my broker lied! They never received the fax that Mike said he sent expressing urgent processing from me!

Trinka of Tampa FL (6/17/05): 
Chase will not credit any payment received unless it is the EXACT amount. They have been holding a payment of $1,674.11 because it was $30 short of an increased escrow amount. I paid it, but now they are charging a $60 late fee and continue to credit my on-time payments to the previous month’s “amount due” while still holding the initial $1,674.11. This is the second time that I’ve experienced this.

Continuous collection calls; and the operators don’t mention the amount hanging in limbo until I tell them. I now have a $101 discrepancy, probably all “late charges” and they are threatening to ruin my credit. We had a similar experience a year ago over an automatic charge they added for insurance because they claimed they never received proof of insurance (which we had continuously sent) — and money was once again in limbo. That cost us $127 that we finally had to pay because of the credit threats.

These people have GOT to reprogram their system to recognize payments that are made but not “credited” to the customer’s account because it doesn’t match their arbitrary changes. Chase must be making millions with this unethical practice.

Harold of Cathlamet WA (6/10/05): 
Every month I mail my mortgage payment in and it apparently sits for a week or more before it is credited to my account. I am getting tired of this. Chase obviously benefits by sitting on my payment for this amount of time before crediting to my account. This practice should be stopped.

Tangela of Ruidoso Downs, NM, writes (4/2/02): 
We purchased our manufactured Solitaire home in October of 2001 and financed it with Chase Manhattan Mortgage. I had problems right off the bat with them not sending my bill on time. About a year later we moved our home to Ruidoso, New Mexico. I started in September of last year to get them to change our mailing address to be able to get our bill on time.

I am still up until this date trying to straighten this up. I kept getting my bill three days before it was due. I had called in November and they gave me an address to mail it to without a statement. I still kept not getting my bill and called again; was assured that my account had been updated and told I could pay by check over the phone. Boy, was that a mistake. They asked for the routing number and account number and read it back to me when I finished. I had to do this in January and February to get my payment in on time. I received a call in March that my account was past due and that I would have to Western Union my money to be able to catch my account up to date.

I kept telling the lady that I had paid over the phone days before the payments were actually due. She said they were returned. I kept asking enough questions that I found out that they put the wrong routing number on them and they were sending it the bank in South Dakota instead of Ruidoso New Mexico. The lady was very rude and told me that statements were not required by law and that I would have to Western Union my money after I repeatedly told her this was not my fault. She said that my account had been turned in to the credit reporting agencies. I have never been late on an account in my life.

After she kept being rude, I asked to speak to her supervisor. She was nicer but kept telling me I had to Western Union the money and said that since my bank was a new bank that it was their fault and I needed to talk to them. I called and found out that they were suppose to update their system and it was suppose to be Chase’s fault. I called her back to get her to call the Federal Reserve telephone number the bank gave me so she could update her system and I could pay by check over the phone. She assured me that she would take it off my credit report, which I checked today and it is still on there. Even though none of this was my fault in the first place.

I have sent in a application to get my house refinanced and they showed my credit report on line. Chase is showing that we owe them for our house three times! It has Chase Manhattan listed with the wrong amount, just Chase with the wrong amount and then it shows Chase HEQ also. In the report it looks like they took out three installment loans on the same house. I don’t know what can be done about this, but I am very upset with them putting me in the wrong and I haven’t done anything but try to get them paid even though they won’t send my bill on time and won’t update the correct information I have repeatedly kept sending them over six months.

Michael of Staten Island, NY writes (6/18/01): 
Chase Manhattan always delays processing payments to any account. I just recently paid off my Chase Mortgage for exactly that reason. I was complaining for almost 2 years to Chase that they were taking up to 2 weeks to process a payment. They always told me it was the post office to blame. I finally paid it off in Feb of this year.

It got so bad I had to bring the payment right to a branch so the payment was posted properly. I called the postal inspector last year and they said there wasn’t anything they could do. Chase is now doing this with their credit card division, I am paying off my last Chase account this month because I realized this past Friday that they took 13 days to process my Visa payment.

Stephanie of Boonton, NJ, writes (6/5/01): 
We recently purchased a home. Our mortgage, originally from Capital Financial in Bernardsville, NJ, was sold to Chase Manhattan soon after the closing in March. However, by mid-April, I had not received a letter confirming the sale from either Capital or Chase, or a statement or payment coupon book from Chase. I contacted Capital to get Chase’s address to send the payment coming due on May 1.

On May 15, the check I sent to Chase on April 20 was returned to me. The reason stated was that there was “no account on record” for us. After contacting Capital Financial and several attempts to solve the problem, they directed me to Veronica Ingram at Chase. Since then, there has been no progress. When I call Ms. Ingram, her computer is usually down or she is on her way out to lunch. Leaving a voice mail is of no use — calls are not returned. Needless to say, this is rediculous. Upon Ms. Ingram’s advice, I Fed Ex’d checks to her for the May and June payments as “good faith” attempts to pay our mortgage although there is no account to apply them to.

Beverly of Piedmont, SC, writes (5/24/01): 
In May 1999 my mortgage was sold to Chase from CENLAR. I called Chase to ask if my direct deposit would continue through this transition. Their records reflect that I indiciated I would send a check just in case. Draft continued, I had mailed a check as well. I called Chase asking for check return. I was told no and that additional funds would have to be applied to principle. I stopped payment on check.

Over the next two years, when I would receive my quarterly statements, there was a statement about being one month behind on payments. I would call to check on situation, again we all saw that draft continued, I was never given any definite answers. I knew the draft was coming out monthly so I felt everything was okay … maybe a lapse between when payment was posted and when notice went out.

While completing my 2000 taxes, I noticed an enormous amount of late fees listed on my year-end statement. Feb. 2001 I began to pursue. I called a customer service rep who was checking with the areas that handled draft and collections. She confirmed that account was not in collections and was pursuing the matter. After being on hold for such a long period of time, we were disconnected. Unfortunately when I called back, there was not any documentation in my file of who I had talked to. The gentleman who helped me was a step behind the previous customer service rep. After awhile we too were disconnected but at least I had made a note of his name.

No one still could figure out what had happened. I went through old records and found the quarterly statements. The statement for 2nd qtr 1999 showed 2 payments received, 2 credits to the account. I also learned when talking with customer service reps that their records only went back to a certain period. (same with my bank). I “purchased” a copy of bank statements from May and June, 1999. I talked to another customer service rep who suggested that I send info to research dept. I forwarded copy of quarterly statement and bank statements. I asked to a credit file notation and reduction of late fees since there had been an apparent mix up.

Well, now that I had “raised the red flag,” my account after two years was now in collections. I got a call at my job, two days later was awakened at home from collections. I told them I was waiting on info from research. Research responded that I had stopped payment on the check. they would credit one month late fee (approx $36 of a $900 balance) and would not make any notation as related to my credit file.

May 2001, calls again from collections. I told collector that I was mailing mortgage payment. 2 days later another call. I told them I had already been contacted and what I was doing. I asked if my file was not noted accordingly, he said notes were incomplete. I have forward one mortgage payment but still feel that an error occured and I should recieve some assistance with late fees and my credit standing. Because the account is on a monthly draft, the payments have been made on time for the last 3-4 years.

George of Coram, NY, writes (6/17/01): 
I sent my mortgage payment to Chase Mortgage bank on time in May 2001. In the envelope was a check for $206 from me and a check from a freind of mine. The bank cashed the checks but did not apply either of them t my account. They put mine in a suspense fund and my friend’s they cashed and did not apply it to my account. The thing that is so interesting is that my friend wrote his check from his Chase account. I have had Chase cause me problems in the past and I am sure they have reported me to the credit companies such as TRW. They have done so in the past (incorrectly).

Jimmy of McRae, GA, writes: 
On 10/16/99, my wife and I were notified that Chase did not receive the September payment for $566.18. I faxed on three different ocassions the cancelled check and supplied the account number they posted it to. My account was xxxx155152. They posted it to xxxx123999. 
I talked to several reps concerning this and I haven’t been able to get this resolved. As of December, Chase sold my account to GMAC Mortgage. They in turn said that I was behind a payment. I explained that they needed to contact Chase. 
On Jan 12,2000, GMAC Mortgage was paid off in full and account closed. All I would like to have was the payment for $566.18 that they misplaced. I feared for some time that this was going to damage my credit rating. I’ve never had anything this aggravating to happen to me before.

This is very simple to resolve. When he has a minute, Jimmy should write a simple, straightforward letter, just like this complaint, and send it certified mail, return receipt requested, to Chase. He should state that if he does not receive payment in 30 days, he will file suit. If the check doesn’t arrive by then, Jimmy should drive down to the courthouse and file against Chase in Small Claims Court. If he has the documentation, the case should be — as they say — open and shut.


Michelle of Vancouver, WA, writes (6/19/01): 
I have been receiving Consumer Affairs email for well over a year, and this is the first time that I’ve sent a comment. Chase Manhattan Mortgage company recently held the mortgage loan on my home for two years. Not once was I ever charged a late fee. I know that I mailed my payment close a couple of times, but they always posted it in a timely manner. It sometimes did not clear my bank for up to two weeks, but it was always posted to my account on time.

They have since sold my loan to another mortgage company, but I wanted to give my two cents worth for my personal experience with this company. My loan was sold approx. 6 months ago to Homeside Mortgage, whom I’ve called several times for help on a insurance issue, and have yet to get it resolved. I’d go back to Chase any day.

14 Responses

  1. Chase is the devil.I am a roofing contractor that installed a roof for a chase customer in august.The customer had received their insurance money in march 2011 from nationwide.Chase held on for months telling lies to make interest off the money.When they sent the money after the final inspection in september they did not know that there was a depreciation check that the insurance company was going to send out .Since the second check was sent out even though the roof is on, chase is stalling about paying this check.

  2. Chase bought my mortgage from Southtrust and it’s been a nightmare ever since! They have held payments until they were late so they could charge late fees, they claimed to have not received a payment which I KNEW was sent. I had my lawyer to call and Chase promptly added onto MY acct 600.00 in law fees of THEIR lawyer saying that they had to hire them “to collect a payment that I refused to make”. This went on for MONTHS with Chase adding late fees every month due to the one payment they CLAIMED not to have. NOONE could seem to find this fathom check! THEN, after I’d paid their lawyer off, I got the check back from Chase with a letter say it was “stale dated”!!!

    Last year, work got cut, I got behind on a payment…when I tried to make a payment after it was late, Chase REFUSED the payment saying that I had to pay TWO..the late one AND the one coming due or they would not take the payment. THEN, I got an offer from Freddie Mac saying they could see I was in financial distress and wanted me to apply for the “making homes affordaable” loan, which I did..BIG MISTAKE!!! Chase was suppose to get this HAMP loan done in 30 days but each month, there would be a different excuse and I’d have to send them MORE AND MORE paperwork..mostly duplcates of what I”d already sent!!! THEN, I GOT the offer FINALLY after 12 months (by this time my payments are behind 13 months!)..well, the HAMP loan was nothing but a pure scam! I took it to 3 lawyers who all told me I’d have to file a Chapter 13 to keep my home…so I did.

    NOW, after paying the trustee 215.00 a month for lawyer, court fees and the behind payments (this is to last for 5 years), Chase is claming that I owe them 2400 MORE dollars! Something about “UNINSURED EQUITY”…never heard of THAT ONE! DURING this time I have been paying the trustee plus my regular payments, Chase just STOPPED paying my homeowners insurance. Thankfully, my agent phoned me to tell me this so I caught it up. I got NOTHING from Chase telling me the had stopped paying it and it was THREE MONTHS BEHIND! I start paying my homeonwners insurance myself, drafted out of my bank account…and CHASE is NOW demanding that I pay THEM escrow! Lawyer said pay it and he would straighten it out..YEAH RIGHT..not yet he hasn’t, so as of now, I am paying the insurance TWICE, Chase is claiming that I owe THEM more money PLUS they have added some totally off the wall illegitimate fees onto my account! DO NOT DO THE HAMP MODIFICATION..IT IS A TOTAL SCAM AND DO NOT DEAL WITH CHASE HOME FINANCE!!!! If you do, be prepared for a long hard road ahead!!!

    I am seeing a lawyer tomorrow and I have my facts straight and ammo to fire back at any responce Chase comes up with!!! I HAVE HAD IT and if this lawyer can’t stop this idiocy, Chase can cram my house where the sun don’t shine. Only reason I haven’t handed it over it that I divorced in 2000 after 25 years of marriage, bought this house by myself and have struggled to hang on to it for 10 years now!!!

  3. You should really think about working on growing this website into a serious player in this field. You clearly have a fundamental knowledge of the topics all of us are searching for on this blog anyways and you could maybe even earn a buck or three from some offers. I would explore following recent news and increasing the amount of posts you make and I guarantee you�d begin earning some good traffic soon. Just a thought, good luck regardless!

  4. WENDY,

    I’d love to speak with you. I’m involved in a media group. Focusing on the time and date of your battle, our details are similar and we need your story.

    Okie from Muskogee

  5. It is written clearly in the Section 5 Deed of Trust of your mortgage agreement that your mortgage company can monitor the funds as they see fit. They can require documentation and inspections and send out draws in 3rds, 50% or however they please. If you wan the work to get complete, it is best for you comply and send in the paperwork and endorsed claim checks for your money. Get the inspections done and get more funds. The more you’re on top of this the faster and easier things will flow. Being a whining A$$ will not help you any and your file/paperwork/funds may get lost in limbo for periods of time. Just do it. Stop whining, after all…you signed an agreement. And, if you don’t remember reading that Deed of Trust portion, it’s no one else’s fault, but your own. Have fun and get your paperwork in to fix your house.

  6. I fell behind 2 payments with Chase on my mortgage in September 2008. I called to make arrangements for the 2 missed payments and Chase advised me to apply for a loan modification and said it would take 60 – 90 days to process. They advised me NOT to make payments during that time. Two months later, I get a collection call from them so I told them the loan was being modified and I hadn’t heard anything. I was informed that it was never assigned to an analyst, so it would be another 60 – 90 days and advised again to NOT make payments. About 3 months later, I received another collection call so I told them the same thing again. I was told it was assigned to an analyst, but there were no notes in the system. They were going to contact the analyst because it had been too long already. About a month later (February 2009), the analyst called with an approved loan modification. I made the good faith payment as requested in March 2009 and then made the new mortgage payments in April and May. In June, I received a new loan modification packet because there were “typographical errors” on the first set. I sent in ANOTHER good faith payment in June and then made the new mortage payment (again) in July. At the end of July, I received a letter about Pre-Foreclosure. I called and was told that some letters were sent out in error due to a system update over the weekend and to disregard the letter. I asked if everything was okay with the loan modification and was told everything was fine. Two days later, my July 2009 mortgage check was returned to me. I called and was told the loan was in pre-foreclosure. After talking to MANY, MANY people in several different departments, it was concluded that the 2nd loan modification had been closed and “no one knows why”. They were going to have to do another one… AGAIN. I just received the new documents in August 2009 and the payment is now $200 higher per month than it was on the previous modifications ($100 higher than the original mortgage payment). I’ve been told by Chase’s own staff that they’re hiring people off the street who have no idea what it is they’re doing and that I couldn’t believe 3/4 of what they tell me. One rep actually cried on the phone to me (and yes, I mean “cry” as in tears are falling) because he was so stressed out at “having to do everything”. Now, they’re telling me this is the way it is and there’s nothing that can be done. The new documents even contain a paragraph that says they’re basically allowed to screw it up as much as they want and there’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t see how they can be allowed to make the rules up as they go along, but apparently they can. I don’t know what to do…

  7. Chase has lied to us in the past and are trying to do it again now. I had cancer a few years ago and while I was going through treatment and surgery we fell 3 months behind in our mortgage. Called Chase to make payment arraingments in good faith. They took the information and then proceeded to call my phone upwards of 13 times a day telling me I was behind in our mortgage. Super, I can do radiation while I am being yelled at by someong from India.
    Not one of the callers had my payment arraingments on file.
    I changed my number finally. We finally became current on the mortgage with no help from Chase.

    Recently I have been laid off and my husbands company is putting all of their employees on part time. We became 3 months late again, but am now paying 1 payment every month.

    Chase has began calling my relatives and even my sister in laws ex mother in law. She has nothing whatsoever to do with us! I don’t even have her phone number!

    I called to try to work out arraingments and they pretended to help me. They said we have 3 options to help. When I asked for details they said we cannot give you any without you giving us a phone number to contact you. They lied and said they never would call 13 times a day. I had the records from my cell phone company to prove it, some calls were only 1 minute apart.
    So they don’t really want to work out payment arraingments, they want to know where we are working and our phone numbers to continue harrassing us. I am just about ready to let the house go and let them eat it. It’s not like my credit can get any worse. They demanded a downpayment before they would even discuss arraingments with me. Then they said that my last mortgage payment would qualify as a downpayment. They said it would still be applied to my account as a mortgage payment but this doesn’t make sense.
    They also mentioned several times that I needed to make at least one payment each month. I have been making one each month for the past 6 months but they didn’t even look at my file. They were just trying everything they could to get a check and then my phone number. The collection person even began yelling at me and saying I wouldn’t let her explain. I asked for details but she just wanted my phone number. When I explained why I wouldn’t give it she started yelling louder. Where are the people everyone says are willing to help out? I am sick of everyone telling us to call our mortgage company to get help because they will just lie to get what they want. They don’t help, they take all of your information, tie up your finances for upwards of 4 months while they are “processing” and harrass you in the meantime.
    I am not a loan expert but this company is decietful, rude and I will never work with them again. I will simply pay what I can. If it gets too annoying I will just let them have the house. Good luck selling it in this market.

  8. I read a book called “Mortgage Meltdown” and it really helped me understand that I’m not the only one going through this. I was also able to apply for a grant from a non-profit to help me with my mortgage. I think anyone who is trying to save his or her home, like me, should read this. Go to

  9. My husband got behind on Chase mortgage payments (Contractor/carpenter…very slow and downhill w/economy…people not paying him)and he is only on the deed: so I called Chase and offered to make a payment to hopefully stop forclosure. They sent me to four dif people at Chase; finially ended up in loss mit dept. Tanya said she could take the payment as long as I have husband’s SSN…I did…she took payment and made other arrangements for payments. Within a week of that payment, Chase started forclosure…they LIED to me. Then said they “should have never talked to me in the first place without a written statement/phone call from my husband”…so Chase could take my money from my account…but by Fed law can’t talk to me? Then husband did call them immediatly and gave “okay” to talk to me…now they say “too late too bad”…and still when I asked questions they were hesitant to help me, even just after speaking to my husband. (He is in dif state working, where their IS work). So, by Federal law they could not speak to me but accept my payment? They lead me on…knowing full well what was going to happen but told me my payment and payment arrangemenst “would help” keep our home! ???? Anyone?

  10. Can someone please answer a couple of questions for me?
    1. Several TILA violations on my loan. If I rescend the loan, are there any damages that could possibly counter them trying ti get my house. (falsifying income, changing loan stips at the closing, no notices or documents prior to closing etc.).
    2. If no remedies through the TILA violations, what about the fact that they produced another promissary note after the closing and it appears that they forged my name.
    3. I requested them to produce the original note and they told me they would and call me back to fax it to me, that was a month ago. I recorded all of these conversations and have them on tape.
    4. Since I requested the note, they have not responded to me by phone, mail or any other form of commun. We were waitng for loan modification docs for a modification that had been approved but they shut everything down, they arent even trying to get me to make any payments, no foreclosure no nothing. What does this silence from them mean.

    Sure do thank you all so much!

  11. I purchased my house in November of 2007. My mortgage was initially with AmTrust Bank for 2 months before being sold to Chase Home Finance. It has been nothing but a NIGHTMARE ever since they got their hands on my mortgage!!! They sent me my first escrow analysis over a month ago. The entire thing was incorrect. I called them, complained, and they opened a work order to research it and to process a new escrow analysis. The first analysis was based on the land asessment only (since my house is new construction). I’ve seriously called them now at LEAST 50 times. It’s still not straightened out. The customer service blows. Everyone is rude and clueless. They also paid my interim tax bill after i specifically told them NOT TOO. I made the mistake of accidentally forwarding the interim bills to them, after i realized what i had done, i called back that same day to tell them to NOT pay it. I was told they would not and that they would open a work order for that as well. Well, it turns out they paid it anyway…now i have a shortage of about $1800 in my escrow. I finally received my second escrow analysis about 2 days ago and again ITS WRONG –
    My annual school taxes should be a little under $2500/year – and twp/co taxes should be a little under $1000/year. They have my school taxes as $522/year and my twp/co taxes at $1993/year.
    I just don’t understand how hard it is for them to obtain the correct information. Why is it so easy for me to pick up the phone, call my tax office and to get the correct figures? Then Shaquita (no lie, that was her name) had the nerve to tell me, “Ma’am it’s not our fault.” WELL WHO’S FAULT IS IT? I cannot wait to refinance with someone else. I’ve owned my home for less than a year, and already have grey hair from this place. I swear these people have no sympathy – some people have to budget, and don’t have a few thousand sitting around in the bank. I can’t sit around and wait 12-25 days for the new analysis to come in the mail. I need to know what i owe into my escrow now, not in 25 business days.
    Keep your fingers crossed in hopes that they get it right this time around.

  12. Hi guys; just a little note here, these are not mistakes, errors, omissions etc. These are despicable, underhanded dastardly deeds thwarted against consumers/Americans by other Americans trying to pay their own bills or, better yet, by the lenders and their greedy employees as the employees are just as culpable; in fact, I plan to sue everyone of them in civil proceedings for their part in these crimes, i.e., not posting the payments, knowing the documents are forged, or forging the documents, the comptrollers who know they are committing bank fraud; None of this stems from incompetence, lost payments or unpaid taxes and escrows etc., this is nothing other than good old fashion calculated acts of these scummy lenders and their equally scummy employees! This is, bank fraud,
    /bank-fraud-false-financial-statements.html, that our government is allowing to exist under the guise of “SubPrime” borrowers, noting if your credit is sub, you are not worth bothering with because you too are just scum! These companies and their employees know exactly what they are doing having worked in accounting and real estate for the past 35 years but they are betting you do not know or will not be able to discover what is going on! They, the lenders and the scum sucking lenders employees and their lawyers, know exactly what is going on because upper management has to direct them, the employees and lawyers, on how to defraud us, or you! Read about Capitol Fairbanks, see the search page here
    mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=F5w&q=Captiol+fairbanks+lawsuite&btnG=Search, and read this article here,; This article gets the flavor of this scam right into your mouth! Sadly our good old FTC, OCC, FBI, etc., or the Gov and its cartel, is in on this scam too categorizing all borrowers afflicted by this type of fraud as mere subprime borrowers, another lie! Our gov goes in and settles massive lawsuits/does damage control for the lenders, and pockets the money giving none back to the poor consumers! And, yes, congress has sold us out too by creating a “Private” cause of action for we little consumers who are running around with a mere 30 to 50k in our hot little pockets! Yup, we all have that stashed away, right! I have read story after story of American consumers being raped by our government and corporate banking American cartel! Things are smelling a little communist around here! The old “we never received your payment upon transferring the loan” is another lie! They know exactly what is up at all times, there has never been a lost dime at any mortgage servicing company only calculated risk by investors, employees and management all hedging the odds by the fact you/us, will never be able to get a lawyer who is competent and 1) believes you were never ever late! 2) that this lawyer knows all the laws….and, understands…..these laws and believes in your kept records and 3) if your are successful in getting past the corrupt district judges and clerks of court, they are betting you will not have the resources to fight the fight! Sadly, their hedging is founded and this is the perfect crime as it has been paraphrased over and over as being because they will have your property before you are able to tell your story! We all need to unify as Neil has said over, and over, and over! Neil is correct in that we must ban together to stop this! How many lives have been ruined so these few privileged piggy servicing companies and their piggy employees of said companies and their piggy lawyers can pay their bills! The bigger question here is, how do these people sleep at night! Please continue to fight the fight and do not….GIVE UP! Neil is right about writing Senators and Congressman however, I live here in the capital area and written but have never….heard a word from them! I have even requested to speak at “Our, we The Peoples Hearings” of the bank and senate committees but still….to this day, have not been invited to present our claims to the cartel running this country for we the people!

  13. was here!
    Thanks for the good and hard working blog!
    I looking forward to see more posting fron you!

  14. […] EvgenZhu wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptElaine of Fountain Inn SC (04/23/06) We had gotten a few months behind with Chase Home Finance …Chase filed foreclosure papers on us last February of 2005. I lost my brother on Jan. 21, 2005 of cancer, I received some insurance money … […]

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