Mortgage Meltdown and Foreclosure Defense

Good comment, which I edited slightly for readability:


  • Hey Jose, run your case by the trustee who more than likely will not do a thing; 
  • request for leave to file the case in C Court, not to worry about the lender, 
  • he will remove to Fed Court. 
Lost Note, fight it long, hard and strong! They must produce the original copy,  do not accept less; also, make them produce payment history and history of charges;  they have committed fraud, so, you have the one up! They sold you a bag of C_ _ _  here…the property at any price was more than likely overvalued by the lenders appraiser and  the unsustainable market conditions for which all we innocent, were lead to slaughter  by government lies, i.e., housing markets are sustainable and growth is sustainable, both lies!  Investigate your judge and his rulings and get a membership to pacer to track your case because clerical errors do happen and no one but you, is responsible for your case under bap!  Check out your judges rulings, look for similar trustees to always be presenting their cases,  if there is justice financial disclosure information about the judges, gov courts pensions  and retirement accounts etc., and, as to if they contain any of the mortgage hedge funds.  Go to your judges hearings to see how he rules and for whom he rules; check out the judges  former partners and law firms prior to them becoming a judge, look to see if they represented  any of your creditors or most of your creditors or your lender, servicer, title company etc.  My most important advise to you is not to lie during your bk, before or after….about anything…. in, leading up to, after or during your bankruptcy, sounds like you are upper middle class  so do not hide any…assets as with your charges of mortgage fraud, they will be seeking  a smoking gun….and the gun will get turned on you the accuser first!  You will not have to hide your assets as most of your assets are protected  as long as you do your schedules correctly.  Your case appears to be an asset recovery case and the courts should either allow you time  to pursue your legal claims or, have the trustee litigate your claims for you,  noting you could be in an area that is devoid of these corrupt bankruptcy rings,  just be on guard at all times and follow behind your public servants, the judges and trustees  as the are human and can be mislead!


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