Foreclosure Defense: Demand for Documentation Answer to Ohay

Anytime you get an opportunity or can make an opportunity to demand the documentation is a good time to do it. However, like many others, you continue to look for short-cuts, when the system is geared for ONLY those willing to jump through the right hoops at the right time. There is no short-cut.

There are many options to defend your property, your credit, and your money and to go on the offensive as set forth on these pages. BUT you must realize that the lenders, mortgage brokers, payment servicing operations, investment bankers and purchasers of collateralized mortgage obligations have not opened their doors and their hearts to give you money. You must earn that by (a) figuring out what claims you have (b) stating those claims and (c) demanding refunds, damages etc. through the established procedures used in TILA and related claims.

There is no short-cut. But some ways are better than others, in my opinion. If there were a lot of lawyers around who understood these procedures, it would be wise to go directly to them. But the fact is, in my anecdotal experience, there are few of us who know the ropes and even amongst the the lawyers that do understand the process, people who have been making their living from doing bank audits, mortgage audits and related functions for most of their careers, can do more on the front end of things than any lawyer I know, including myself. 

As with all surges of opportunities, there are a lot of people out there on the Internet or otherwise advertising these services. Most of them do not have a clue what they are doing, how to do it and will end up taking actions that ignore or even waive essential rights you may have. While I continue my search for alternatives, thus far the only people I have found who truly know more than I do about the particular and sometimes peculiar procedures are at 

I can’t guarantee you results and neither can the people at But I have a high degree of confidence that those people know what they are doing, have the right moral compass, and have a long history over decades of dealing with these issues. I can’t claim that and neither can anyone else I have spoken with or who has solicited us for referrals. In fact, the people at repairyourloan did not contact me, I contacted them after they left a comment on the blog.

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  1. Hmm… That site is gone now, but it was a plagiarized version of a real website named

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