we received the following comment which I think is very good for people to read. I edited it slightly to make it more readable. The original is in the comments below this post.

Jose; You have one year from the date of rescission notice to file a lawsuit in the courts to enforce the rescission but, if you are under foreclosure now, you must move fast!

If you have received the notice of sale, you must consult your local court law library for the laws, talking with the law clerks who should be able point you to your local laws.

Then contact the courts and notify them immediately of your intent to defend against the action and at that time, present the complaint onto the court as your defense or file the complaint as soon and as quick as you can.

I am not a lawyer but am suing my lender for mortgage loan document forgery and mortgage fraud, the dirty rotten sobs have perpetrated against my once very good credit. RESPA & TILA laws are very complex, you really should try to find an honest lawyer, though, we have had no luck here in Maryland because most are corrupt or work for the creditor behind your back or want to lend you the same creditors money or, if they are not currently working for the creditor, they will be by the time it is all over so be careful if the lawyer takes your case and then does nothing, this is what they do, the corrupt lawyer usually will fleece you for every penny you have so you then have no….money and then, after he strips you of the money, he allow the trustee to sell the property or, encourages you to refinance, never assisting you with the RESA and TILA lawsuit, or, this is what has happened to us! Be careful of corrupt bankruptcy judges and trustees if you are thinking about going this way. [Editor’s Note: We have received dozens of stories just like this emailed to us] rather than posted in comments. People are paranoid about being targeted!]


There is a more sophisticated consumer scam known as the bankruptcy foreclosure scam wherein your lawyer, the bk trustee and judge conspire to steal your property and force you into a life of high cost credit! How the scam works, you innocently find one of these corrupt lawyers for whom most practicing bk in our area are dirty, rotten and corrupt sobs because they must join the corrupt thing known as the “bankruptcy club”,(do your research, this is a club of corrupt judges, trustees and outside lawyers who serve victims up to these clubs); the would be consumer lawyer generally lends money for your….lender with the lawyer failing to ever tell the consumer they have a conflict of interest.

Once the corrupt lawyer files the stay for you the victim, he then does nothing…..tells you nothing, does not assist with the schedules, files nothing but begins to work with the corrupt trustee wherein they both collude together to harm you under the courts eyes with the corrupt judge presiding over the whole thing but, essentially, they collude to have the case dismissed making you out to be the villain so they have scared you in the judicial eyes of all courts. If you make to the 341 meeting, you are then met by the corrupt trustee who also, without you knowing, works for your same lender or most of your creditors, and this corrupt trustee ignores your TILA and RESPA claims; and, the screwed up BK draconic laws, essentially allow him to ignore your claims; he will have no part of litigating your claim and will shut you up but quick!

The lender now has you where he wants you, in the bk club…..with the judge being placed there to hear a particular lender/investment banks cases exclusively.

The corrupt judge, then works in tandem with your lawyer who is to first get you to refi the loan in order to cause you to waive your legal recourses; should you have figured out what is going on, and refuse the refi, then the lender seeks the lift stay, your lawyer may appoint himself as special counsel to the trustee, to make sure you are silenced, and then the judge orders the property sold; be very, very, very careful because you are dealing with the mafia and consumers and honest lawyers have been killed! If you are already there, or in bk and this is happening, motion to dismiss your case and file lawsuit in your circuit court; the courts cannot force a discharge on you. Good luck, Best R, k

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  1. Hi everybody!

    updating about my foreclosure rental home.
    My attorney found the Deed of Trust which is own by M&T Bank which is The Lender dated 03/15/2007 and recorded 03/17/2007 in Multnomah Coutny,Oregon.
    The Trustee is Chicago Title Insurance company.
    “MERS” I a separate corporation that is acting solely as a nominee for The Lender’s successors and assigns (The deed of trust recites).
    I never recieved a notice of assigment and the “trustee notice of sale” was sent by North West Services,Inc.
    and they are saying that “I OWE to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage”. As far as I know now that I am understanding a little bit more, Wells Fargo was sending me the monthly statements and notices as the “Loan Servicer”.
    I never got any Notice of Assigment of Deed of Trust.
    Could Wells Fargo Foreclose?
    I do not know how all these companies got involved with this loan.

    I will keep you posted.

  2. […] Daily Kos: State of the Nation wrote an interesting post today on FORECLOSURE DEFENSE: A COMMENT WORTH REPEATINGHere’s a quick excerpt…you where he wants you, in the bk club…..with the judge being placed there to hear a particular lender/investment banks cases exclusively. […]

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