You could see the grueling 15 months of endless campaign stops on the faces of the candidate, her husband and her daughter. It wasn’t working and they knew it. She had piled on the drive for momentum as late as an hour before the polls closed and the deal swung the other way. History slipping away. Her assumption of power thwarted. Her dream smashed by a democratic process that turned out to be every bit as unpredictable as it was intended to be.

She tried her best. She was inevitable, vetted, competent, well financed, and started out with hundreds of delegates and endorsements. She was brilliant, home-town, foreign policy astute, an historic candidate as the former first lady and the first lady to become president. She was tough. She was rough. She used every trick in the book and showed her mettle as she applied all her long years of political knowledge to the project at hand, confident of victory.

While her own quest is ended, she has nonetheless made history, paving the way for the next first lady president; and she played an important part of enduring American history by providing training and sparring with the first Afro-American man in the U.S. history to occupy the oval office.

It is on this day that America takes another leap forward in healing the greatest tragedy in our history with an “imperfect messenger” whose African father ironically and paradoxically arrived in this Country by his own free will, leaving a child behind who would become the most powerful person on Earth.

It’s a step down from lofty ambition but I doubt if we seen the last of Hillary. Her role model being Eleanor Roosevelt, her mentor being a successful former President himself, her current position as United States Senator, and her upcoming appearances on the campaign trail, without the stress of having her own trajectory on the line, all tell a tale of future accomplishments. When President Obama starts his first term, he’ll know he got there not just in spite of her, but because of her. 


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