This one who I have been corresponding with sent me an e-mail describing the events of her “closing” where she was told by the Countrywide loan officer that her dad’s life estate did not need to go on the mortgage, and the “closing” took place at a little table in a Barnes & Noble bookstore with a line of people waiting to “close” in a frantic fashion.
Jesus! Assembly-line closings in bookstores, forged signatures on loan documents, etc. all obviously railroaded through to get the “bundle” together for resale to Bear Stearns or whoever. This is beyond ugly.
I had a conversation with guy in California yesterday who had been forcibly evicted by the Sheriff after a “non-judicial” sale resulting from a mortgage financing that had more holes in it than the board in back of the paper target at the firing range.
I spoke to another fellow who did everything right in the State of Washington, made his payments, stayed in touch with the lender, and yet his house was also sold at “non-judicial sale” and he is about to evicted after his mortgage broker stole $5,000 from the closing (claiming the lender wanted a credit card paid off), after the lender took $7,000 from him to reinstate his mortgage, and after he sought relief in all the right ways from State and Federal Courts.  

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  1. 5 years ago my wife left me for another man, my children were 3,2, and a baby. I was awarded almost 60% custody, I was a brand new real estate agent and the Judge awarded my ex wife fullchild support, spouse maintenance AND pay an empty house payment, when I challenged I had MAJORITY custody, the judge rubber stamped “denied”. My bills were between 9-13k a month, some how I was making it. Finally my divorce was done and I got a break from the pressure but very upset the judge hurt me finacially so bad, so I decided to appeal the case (it turned in to a 55k deal) Then my ex accused me in a motion of fraud, the judge was mad I appealed him and charged me of fraud WITHOUT A TRIAL OR HEARING!! You hear the stories about fraud, its so hard to prove but when they charged me of fraud I had to go to court and prove Im innocent, shifting the burden of proof, the judge still charged me with fraud. I have made a lot of money but through all of this given it to attorneys, custody evaluators, blah,blah,blah. I went in to banking (i know booooo) I was an account ececutive For a short perdiod of time with countrywide(i know more boooing), then my division was let go and I was out of a job. So recap,
    I have 3 kids, no job, very expensive litigation case. I couldnt afford to pay my child support, I pleaded with the judge to let me lower my child support, he said no not untill my trail to prove I was innocent was concluded. The county came and took my drivers licence AND real estate license took a large return of my taxes, seized my checking account and kept the money. I had 20 to my name, no gas in my car, no drivers license, I couldnt work, or drive my kids to school. I filed an ExParte motion and pleaded with the judge this was an emergecy I cant take care of my kids. The county took the postition, it wasnt an emergency!! When I pleaded with child support worker, she said go get another job, I told her “who will take care of my kids” She was ruthless. I had some savings but all went in my divorce, I begged my ex wife, who now cheated on the guy she cheated on me with and moved in to another mans home, I asked her to back off, give me some room for the sake of our children- but she had no mercy. I fell behind on my home, all my bills, I had perfect credit. I have made big money 20-40k a month and now I am broke on my back and in foreclosure, I felt horrible for my kids like I had failed them. I remeber sitting in my room after I put them to bed and just cried. This was my lowest low in my life.
    Im a very strong person and even though I was down Im never out, I kept battling. Started calling my lender, they never responded. I started making decent money again (still going to attorneys) the lender wouldnt let me work something out with them, or even recognise who I was.
    So I have been abused by our judicial system, I spent the last 2 years studying currency and our banking system but honestly to beat up and worn out to fight. Then I found this sight and decided to battle with everything I got and go for broke, so here I am.
    I also am going after that judge who tortured me with his rullings. I participated introducing a bill that would of put accountablitity on our judiciary (got both my state reps to sign) served a notice and demand to the entire legislature and extremley active in judicial accountability. I study the constitutions, read court cases. I just started a new company thats a t shirt company that teaches people thier rights (pretty cool stuff too) I have one shirt Im making thats says “inflation nation” brought to you by the federal reserve. and it has a picture of a copy machine printing money. On the back its article 1 section 10 of us constitution.
    I also went in to the governs office and attorney general with video cameras and demanded to be heard for grieviences, they called the 11 sheriffs and security. I asked them if they swore an oath of office and promise to uphold the constitution-ya they didnt know what to do with that one , we took that video and put it on TV. I participated in running a full page add calling out our governor, attorney general,and judges.
    I recently made international news because the police walked in my home because the garage door was open, I did a ton of radio show interviews, made front page news a few times, im going after the city still.
    I have shared all of that to sum it up with this. These aflictions that have happened to me have made me relaize how much the bankers, or should we say “Banksta’s” have stolen from us, I used to think if I made a lot of money i was successful- not anymore, now I juudge sucess on how I help the world become a better place and plan on spending the rest of my life battling this corruption.
    We will see where this journey takes me.

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  3. I was running errands with my Mother the other day when she told me the amount My Father and her paid for their first house, in Seattle, the year I was born-1976. It was $15,000. I waned to throw up. I know inflation happens and I don’t expect things to remain at the lows they were back in “the day”, but when I hear something like that, I can’t help but think about the tiny 2bdrm house in Central Everett, that was built in 1950- purchased almost 3 years ago @ $210k -and that was a good price? Don’t get me wrong, it is a very cute property with tons of potential. But unfortunately, it’s all being taken away like it’s no big deal. $$$-Money, money, money-and greed. We, my Boyfriend and I moved in with stable jobs and income. Though the Mortgage seemed a bit high to me at $1600 per month, My boyfriend assured me it would be fine I was just used to my low rental payment of $475 (w/ roommate). Regardless, things were good for the first year or so. He remodeled the detached, 2 car garage, completely. It was practially ready to fall down and he put around $20K into refurbishing and turning it into a work shop/paint shop so he could supplement his income by doing side work because things were pretty tight in the financial dpartment and his current job as the Head Custom Painter for a busy Motorcycle Repair Facility, just wasn’t enough anymore. Funny how that works, inflation in everthing is justified for what ever reasons, and when you are approved for a loan. a payment amount is set based on your loan type (which is based on your debt/income ratio), so depending on how much you are already in debt for and what you bring in supposidly determines what and if you’ll be able to pay. And since my boyfriend had 1 or 2 credit blemishes due to an X Girlfriend that used his visa # to buy some items on line without his knowledge or consent and didn’t find out until it was too late and his perfect credit was not so. Making his loan rate ridiculous. needless to say, things went down hill in the financial department trying to keep up with two more debts+plus pay his two existng cards, both w/ insane interest rates, and everything else, that eventually he slowly started falling behind until payments started being later and missed. Now the part that seems F’d up is when he kept in touch, and tried to work things out wih his situation and the soulotion was charging him to keep his house out of foreclosure- an amount due right away- and then jacking his mortgage up setting him back further than before and utimately setting things up to fail. Raising rates and tacking on fee after fee isn’t helping matters, it’s simply causing more issues for the struggling dweller. Wouldn’t it be more humane to lower a person’s Mortgage payment when trouble rises? Or when prices go up on everything like gas, food, etc… I think living costs and such monthy bills should. go down. Now that things are so bad they’re only headed down the road of getting worse.

    The mortgage had reached about $2800 per month basically forcing my Boyfriend into depression and pretty much lost his drive to try since he was killing himself to keep up, but still falling further and further behind. We received notice of foreclosure for the 3rd or 4th time and decided he wasn’t going to pay the amount to keep out and instead file bankruptcy with hopes to get things back on track and keep his house- At the last minute he was unable to qualify though. So with very little time left before the Auction of his house on April 11 2008, he scrambled to find a buyer to attend the auction with hopes to purchase and then lease to him with buy back options after he was able to regain his stability. We found a friend of the family that was willing to write a check for the amount, and having attended plenty of auctions knowing the typical proceedures he attended with a blank check since the starting bid info was not availible before hand. When trying to register to bid he was turned away because he did not have a cashiers check for the strating bid or higher- so he asked what the amount was so he could run to the bank and obtain one. The man just said that wasn’t his problem and would not tell him. So he guessed, and had a Cashier’s Check isssued in the amount of $150K. When he presented the check to the bidding host, he was told it was’nt enough therefore he was inelegible to bid.

    Although nobody bid on it, the house was still returned to the lending bank or beneficiary which nobody had or would release any info regarding who theat was. After trying to contact someone to find out what he could do to get the house back with know results, a notice to vacate was issued by a Real Estate Company that had been hired to Manage the property. When he responded as the noticed requested, he played phone tag with the guy for weeks until he just showed up offering cash for keys and a wanting a date of vacate. When we explained our intentions and the need to know who to talk to about working out some kind of deal to either buy back, lease, anything, the guy claimed to know nothing and was simply there to offer the keys for cash and tell him the alternative. He agreed to contact us in a week to allow him see what he could come up with. We still were were unable to get any info from anyone about who we needed to talk to and never received a contact like promised. Decided to call to make sure exactly what the process was at this point. As soon as my boyfriend said who was calling- The real estate guy chuckled and said he would have to call him back. Two hours later we were served with an eviction notice. Says we have until the 5th to respond in writing or vacate. I want to respond , but I don’t know if it will do any good other than extend our living situation a little bit.

    It’s very nerveracking to feel so helpless in a situation that involves the roof over your head that you’ve worked so hard for, is being taken away because your hardest just wasn’t hard enough.

    Don’t know if you’d consider this a nightmare, but I sure do. 🙁

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