The “Simple” answer is YOU have to stop the trustee and lender(s) from acting illegally. They are counting on the idea that you won’t be persistent or clever enough to game the system against them the way they are doing to you. You don’t have to be very clever. But you DO need to be persistent and not give up at the first sign of resistance or confusion. Give yourself time to understand the system. You will.

You need to go down to the courthouse and file a petition for emergency injunction. If you need a lawyer, which you probably do, you can at least hire him/her to draft the pleading and summons. You hand deliver it tot eh clerk and wait for the court file so you can go up to the assigned judge and ask for an emergency order or hearing. Most judges are simply waiting for someone to contest these things. They are mystified as to why more people don’t. They are ready to sign orders stopping lenders and trustees from proceeding without adequate proof of their authorization, or their standing to do anything, 

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