IN THE SUPERIOR/CIRCUIT COURT OF THE CITY OF xxxxxxxxx LOCATED AT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OF THE COUNTY OF xxxxxxxxxxxxx OF THE STATE OF xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Your Name  


Trustee Name

1st Mortgage Name

2d Mortgage Name



Comes now the defendant, YOUR NAME, Defendant in the above-styled action and move this Court to vacate and set aside the Judgment entered on the xxxx day of MONTH  2008, vacate and set aside the order dated xxxxx day of MONTH 2008 setting the sale date, and canceling the sale of the subject property and as grounds therefore says that the LENDERS/TRUSTEE committed a fraud upon the Court in that the LENDERS/TRUSTEE does not now and did not, at the time of the foreclosure, own the mortgage, the mortgage note, any security agreements, nor have the requisite power to represent the real party in interest, nor did the LENDERS/TRUSTEE allege facts in support thereof. This Emergency motion is not filed for the purposes of delay. The true facts (and consequent fraud perpetrated upon this Court by LENDERS/TRUSTEE) regarding the prior sale of the risk, servicing and ownership of the mortgage and note regarding the subject real property and alleged liability did not come to the attention of the undersigned defendant until the last few days. 

The Trustee does not have the current authority to proceed with the sale or foreclosure, nor to defend the claims of the undersigned Petitioners because of events subsequent to closing that changed both the ownership and authority of the subject note and mortgage, the authority of the Trustee to represent the interests of the real parties in interest and the lack of documentation showing that the real party in interest can be established. Trustee, the lenders, the underwriters and the presence of third party investors.”

The unique context in which this and other mortgages are being foreclosed on primary residential properties has left all affected parties in untenable positions resulting from rules which never contemplated these circumstances. None of the affected parties wish to see the subject property foreclosed, sold or the the property abandoned. All of the parties affected have it in their interest to preserve and maintain the security of the asset which is the subject of the instant action. It therefore falls within the equitable powers of the Court to order mediation, and to require people with decision-making authority to appear at said mediation prior to the consideration of the current motion or any subsequent motion.

WHEREFORE, Petitioner’s pray that this Honorable Curt will vacate the sale and/or judgment, deny any motion or petition for eviction on the grounds of lack of jurisdiction over the parties or the subject property, order mediation, refer this matter for changes in the rules of civil procedure, and grant such other and further relief as the court may deem just and proper. 

[Serve them with summons. You might have to serve the Secretary of state on Mortgage Lenders because they are foreign corporations. The court clerk will tell you the answer to that, I hope. Put the name and address of Lenders in your certification clause at the end.]

I HEREBY CERTIFY that a true and correct copy was sent by FAX and U.S. Mail to the following names, addresses and fax numbers this xxx day of xxxx(MONTH) opposing counsel at the following number Attn: Name of Person Trustee Sale Officer. 


Notarize your signature

Then add a separate piece of paper that uses the same style, with no certification clause that says:


Proposed Order


This cause having come on to be heard upon emergency motion of the Petitioner and the court having reviewed the documents regarding the subject property, heard arguments regarding the motion, heard and received evidence regarding the motion, and taken judicial notice of the context of the great number of foreclosures of primary residences in the State of xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and the Court being otherwise fully advised in the premises, it is accordingly




1. This Court reserves ruling and reserves jursidiction to enter such orders on Petitioner’s motion and matters attendant to the Motion and other issues presented in this Order.

2. The sale of the subject property is stayed under further order of this Court. The sale date is hereby cancelled.

3. Petitioner is ordered to maintain the property, pay the utilities and taxes, and to provide proof of same to the Trustee every month.

4. Upon motion of the Trustee, in compliance with the legal requirements of standing, competence, and proof of facts, the Trustee may apply for hearing on motion to lift the Stay herein and reset the the sale date if the Petitioner can be shown to have failed to adequately maintain the property, reasonable wear and tear excepted, pay the utilities and taxes, or upon entry of an order by this or an appellate court vacating this Order and remanding the case for further consideration. 

5. The Trustee shall produce original documentation to the Court proving standing and authority to proceed under California statutes within ten (10) days from the date of entry of this court in the Court records. Time is of the essence. Failure of the trustee to file said documentation, including all original assignments or sales of the risk, security or debt specifically and expressly connected with this Petitioner and this Subject Property shall automatically constitute a dismissal with prejudice of the foreclosure, the sale, the eviction and any claim for past due payments from this Petitioner and shall relieve the Petitioenr from the accrual or payments for principal or interest to any party until such original documentation is produced.

6. The parties are ordered into mediation within 180 days at which the Trustee shall provide proof which maybe used in these proceedings showing the compliance or lack thereof with the applicable laws and rules of the State of California, the Federal government or any agency in connection with disclosures concerning, risk, fair market value, true cost of the loan, the true ultimate source of capital to fund the loan, and any changes in underwriting standards that were not disclosed to the Petitioner/Buyer and such documents shall also be filed with the Court at least ten (10) days prior to actual mediation. Failure of any affected party to appear at said medication shall constitute a waiver of any claim for payment, and claim for security or any other rights under the original transactions by which the loan documents were produced. The failure of any affected party to produce a person at the time and place of the mediation (which shall be set by order of the mediator) who is authorized to make a final decision regarding settlement shall constitute a non-appearance under this paragraph.

7. The mediator shall submit a written report of the agreement(s) of the parties which shall be approved and made binding by order of this Court upon proper notice and hearing of the parties. 

8. This case is hereby referred to applicable rule-making committees and agencies that are empowered to make temporary or permanent changes in the rules of civil procedure to accomodate the overload of forecloosure cases pending before the California Court system. Toward that end this Court suggests the following for consideration by said entities for temporary changes to the rules of civil procedure until the current mortgage meltdown crisis has passed:


Emergency Provisional Rules

Mortgage Foreclosures


These emergency rules of civil procedure apply to all foreclosures on all property, real or personal, initiated on or before January 1, 2007. No Judgment shall be executed, or if already executed, enforced, and no order of removal or eviction or seizure related to foreclosure shall be executed, or if already executed, enforced unless a Court of competent jurisdiction shall have executed an order finding as a matter of law and fact that the foreclosing party(ies) have complied with each and every provision contained herein.


1. Every Petition for Foreclosure and/or every action undertaken by a foreclosing party prior to seeking recovery or seizure, or occupancy of property, shall require the foreclosing party(ies) to file a verified complaint or affidavit alleging the facts supporting the claim for relief, executed by a person with actual knowledge of all facts alleged. The executing party on said verified Petition or affidavit shall affirmatively allege and actually be available for the taking of testimony by deposition or at an evidentiary hearing in the jurisdiction in which the property is located.

2. Each such Petition or Affidavit shall state the names and addresses of all parties involved in the loan transaction and shall be served under the rules governing service of process upon each of said parties as third party non-party litigants, if such parties were not the lender or borrower.

3. Each such Petition or Affidavit shall account for all funds that were passed through or to each party named in the action, the disposition thereof, and the manner and time in which the passage of said funds were dispersed, together with a citation to the mortgage documentation, including a quote of the relevant passages in the body of the Petition or Affidavit wherein said funds are disclosed and wherein said funds are authorized. 

4. Each such Petition or Affidavit shall state with particularity whether any changes occurred after the closing of the subject loan transaction in which parties or persons were changed including the names and addresses of all parties and persons related to the transactions subject to the mortgage.

5. With respect to sale or assignment or any joint or sharing arrangements concerning ownership, distribution of risk, or securitization in which the subject loan was referenced as collateral or otherwise, each such Petition shall state with particularity the details of each such transaction, the distribution or re-distribution of funds, and the documents employed by said parties after said closing.

6. Each and every such Petition or Affidavit shall affirmatively state that the foreclosing party(ies) have standing and authority to bring the action, defend counterclaims and answer affirmative defenses. The signature of the attorney on said pleading shall be mandatory and shall constitute a representation to the COURT that the filing attorney has performed proper due diligence to ascertain the truth of the allegations of legal standing and all other allegations.

7. Each such Petitioner or Affidavit shall be accompanied by attachments of the referenced documents to be included with the first service of such Petition or Affidavit.

8. Each such Petition or Affidavit shall state with particularity and specificity each disclosure made to the borrower and any third parties involved in the transaction under the Truth in Lending Act and the corresponding provision of the mortgage documents executed by the borrower which supports said disclosure.

9. Each such Petition or Affidavit shall state with particularity and specificity each disclosure made to the borrower and any third parties involved in the transaction under the Truth in Lending Act and the corresponding provision of the mortgage documents executed by the borrower which does not support said disclosure. If any allegation other than “none” is made under this paragraph, the foreclosing party(ies) shall state with specificity the law or fact upon which they should be excused from compliance.

10. Each such Petition or Affidavit shall attach a full and complete accounting of all money, value or funds transmitted, paid or or promised between all parties involved in the loan transaction before or after the loan transaction. In the event the borrower has been overcharged, undercharged, or charged correctly, the Petition or Affidavit shall so state affirmatively, providing a full accounting of said funds. 

11. No answer or response from the borrower shall be due unless and until the foreclosing party(ies) are in complete and full compliance with the provisions of these rules. Any prior answer or response may be amended by the borrower after a determination is made that the foreclosing party(ies) are in full compliance. No prior Judgement, order or other document or rule shall prevent the borrower from filing a response or answer after the foreclosing party(ies) are found to be in compliance with these rules.

12. In the event that the foreclosing party(ies) fails or refuses to comply with these rules, the foreclosure shall be barred with prejudice and until the terms of the mortgage are determined with certainty by the Court by clear and convincing evidence, no payments to the mortgagee shall be due. This provision that not apply to payment to taxing authorities. In such event of delay caused by the the foreclosing party(ies) the court may fashion such equitable remedies as the Court deems fit in its discretion. for example, the Court could apply delinquent payments to the end of the mortgage, thus extending the terms. 

13. In the event of non-compliance with these rules wherein the foreclosing party(ies) demonstrate to the Court the probability that they could amend their filing to conform to the requirements herein, the foreclosing party(ies) shall file an amended Petition or Affidavit on or before thirty (30) days from the date of the order of the Court allowing the amendment. Failure to file within said thirty period shall be grounds for a mandatory immediate dismissal with prejudice. 

14. In the event of the filing of a verified amended Petition or Affidavit, Borrower shall have ninety (90) days in which to answer or respond. Failure to answer or respond shall not relieve the burden of proof of the foreclosing party(ies) in compliance with state, local and Federal law, and in compliance with these rules.

15. The Court may grant attorney fees and costs to the prevailing party in each case where a motion or other filing occurs, wherein a determination is made in an adversary proceeding that the filing is in or out of compliance. 

16. In the event a foreclosure has already been completed and all subsequent and customary actions have occurred and no bona fide third party has taken control or occupancy of the property, these rules may applied retroactively. 

17. Once compliance has been established and the issues are joined, the Court shall enter an order requiring the parties to enter into a process of mediation. The purpose of the mediation shall be to fashion a settlement which provides relief and incentives to all affected parties, including non-party litigants. Mediation shall take place no earlier than thirty (30) days after the entry of the mediation order, and not later than is reasonably possibly given the volume of cases and the availability of competent mediators.


These rules are subject to review by the Court but are effective immediately. Comments and applications to be heard shall be available in keeping with the usual and customary methods of proposed rule changes. Said rules shall be effective unless and until stated otherwise by the Court.







Provide self addressed stamped envelopes for the Court to use for mailing out the order to the Trustee, and the Lenders. 


8 Responses

  1. I have a motion for entry of final judgment in new jersey can I use that sample thanks any info would be great I have 10 days clock is ticking

  2. Can this pleading be used in Florida? Is there one to sample for the state of Florida?

    Thank You in Advance,
    Christine C.

  3. hello, and thank you for the information that you have on your website. i have an show caue order that is due on the 16th November 2008. fore case no. CAE08-00617 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY MARYLAND. DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING THAT CAN ASSIST ME. AGAINST THE PLAINTIFF MOTION FOR JUDGMENT AWARDING POSSESSION FILED HEREIN BY DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST COMPANY

  4. I sure would be interested in any citation to authority on those mortgage provisional rules. One thing I know for sure is you just can’t state rules without a citation to authority and I don’t see any authority cited in this motion. It’s a great motion, just needs some cites. If there is such a provisional rule, I sure could use the cite. Thanks.

  5. Wow this is an interesting order to show cause! I am going to try this at my hearing on August 6th

  6. Neil,
    You and I have talked at length in regards to our situation. We’re currently under threat of eviction, and the only thing holding it back is the sympathy of one lone sheriff’s deputy, who is dragging his feet, in order to give us every chance possible for us to reconcile the theft of our home, through fraud, by the bank. But, sooner, than later, he, too, will be forced to do his “job!”
    We’ve filed motions base upon revised and modified to include the accurate facts in our case details, versions of your example shown here, and that of Pierre Augustin, whom we found through a link on your blog.
    Funny thing… The Superior Court for the State we live in, didn’t have a clue as to what either of our motions were meant for? And they’re both written essentially the same as both of yours’ and Augustins’.
    Why should they not be understandable to the court? I can certainly understand them, and outside of modifying them to include the correct particulars relevant to our own case, they are verbatim of the arguments and citations used by both of you, gentlemen, where they were correctly applied to our facts and issues.
    Seems that justice is not only blind, but also deaf and ignorant!
    We have been in contact with nearly every form of individual whom allegedly has any authority in this country, Congressmen, judicial officials, lawyers, police, you name it…
    It appears that the only authorized actions that can be taken by anyone, anywhere in this country must be of evil design and intent, and that any action whose intention or goal is that of performing some sort of good, just or right deed, is expressly forbidden!
    So, what, pray tell, is the point in encouraging people to stand up for their rights, when the only right any of us have is to be screwed, violently, and repeatedly, and that no other form of action is allowed, nor even exists?
    I think that you do us all a disservice by encouraging us to resist, when. unequivocally, I can assure you that resistance is futile, and that I have the hemorrhoids and callouses of them rectum, from the repeated attempts at resistance made over the last three years to prove it!
    Justice, right of rescission, vindication, and reversal or vacation of illegal acts and frauds, are but fantasy concepts made and alluded to in fairy tales and science fiction, and do not exist in the real world!
    It will be far less painful if everyone just learns to drop their drawers, hand over their wallet, on command, and just go ahead and take what’s coming to them, without any foolish notions of resistance…
    Because it’s guaranteed… you’re going to get screwed, and get screwed royally!
    So, why make it any more painful that it already is?
    Just bend over and take, and move on for the next one in line!
    Any indications of sarcasm or cynicism are intentional, an no apology for same is given, nor implied.
    Grin and bare it…


  7. i am so lost ! Can you please help me understand how i can use this information to forstall foreclsoyures on my investment properties ?

  8. […] Azmiel wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptYou might have to serve the Secretary of state on Mortgage Lenders because they are foreign corporations. The court clerk will tell you the answer to that, I hope. Put the name and address of Lenders in your certification clause at the … […]

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