Mortgage Meltdown Tragedy: No Checks, No Balances, No Honesty

Reality Check

Before we go forward with who called who a monster, or Ken Starr, bringing back memories of deceit, sex, lies and and videotape, let’s do a reality check. People are hurting and the candidates are getting information from advisors who simply don’t get it: the monster here is the economy, reflecting society decisions that are having screamingly negative consequences in people’s daily lives. 

Whether some adviser made an off the cuff remark does not address the real issues. We are bleeding all over the place — housing, jobs, the dollar, earnings, wages, purchasing power, and of course the Iraq war which represents an expense that cannot be covered and will drive up inflation to incomparable levels. 

But more than anything, it is the story of people, one at a time who are trying to make it. The stories are heart wrenching as the American Dream fades away from them while the Judiciary, the legislatures, the congress and the President do nothing but argue over ideology. While I don’t agree with everything this reader says, I agree with 99% of it. As we do pause for our fallen heroes in Iraq, take a moment and read this, a story of the fallen heroes who fought for, achieved and lost the American Dream.


I had drafted a reply to your message many days ago. In it I had waxed so eloquently in regards to our situation, the same or similar, as that so many others are finding themselves in. 

It being that which may well prove to be our ultimate destruction…

…Despite our unwavering decision to fight the good fight for all that we’re worth!

It is an overwhelming and discouraging thing, to find one and ones family the target of such an attack by predatory lucre loving vermin, disguised as lawyers, bankers and “real” human beings! 

Vermin who have made it their goal to rob millions of people of billions of dollars and property, by manipulating and coercing the uninitiated public into forfeiting, not only their wealth and the fruits of their toil and tears, but also their very homes, and sense of sanctity, safety and security… 

…All in the name of “business” and “making a profit”!

It behooves us to comprehend how “making a profit” can be considered “profit”, when the “rewards” come from theft and deception?

In our obviously defective perception and understanding of the term “profit”, it has always meant the reward of gain that was received through the investment of something that one had right to, or had earned, and which had yielded fruit from being so invested.

Profit cannot, by our understanding, come from theft or guile, only the exact opposite can be claimed as being the reward for such negative and patently evil acts!

Thus, the manner in which these evil beings has contived and conspired to strip, not only us, but everyone who lives, as we all have need of shelter and sanctuary, as is offered by a “home”, and a “dwelling”, of every bit of the fruits of our labors, is completely and unspeakably reprehensible and unconscionable!

This is especially compounded when the thefts are then converted into “legal” business transactions, through the deft manipulation of the so-called judicial system by these vermin!

There once was a time when the term “legal” was synonymous with “right” and “just”. 

But that comparison is more of an exact antonym now. And it has become completely unsettling and deeply disturbing to see how wrong has become right, and that right no longer exists…

…Outside of some imaginary quality of character. and illusionary precept for a standard of personal conduct that is but a fading memory of another era, and which has died, or become extinct through lack of use, or belief.

To have watched, over the years, as the sole motivation for the peoples of a society, of which one is a member, has become the pursuit of personal enrichment for oneself, and damn the cost or expense that ones own gain of lucre may cost another, is like watching one’s own death while millions stand by, able to intercede and to stop the untimely demise, but whom remain unwilling to do so, without being compensated for doing so.

The fact of the matter is that we’ve become so acutely aware that the rampant greed which is consuming the people that were once considered fellow countrymen and women of ours, that it has resulted in our own awareness of being as aliens in a strange land! 

Not one of the multitudes of persons and businesses that we have paid out thousands to, for aid and assistance in our attempts to turn the tide of the onslaught against ourselves, and that against multitudes of others, also, has served to buy us one bit of genuine and effective help, or provided the least amount of effect in stemming or diminishing the effect or result of this attack.

On the contrary, the greed has so overcome this society and it’s more`s and morals so completely compromised, that no one seems to feel compelled to even try to live up to their promises of providing the services and/or results, for which they all demand to be paid so handsomely for, in advance!

One becomes painfully aware that the entire society, as a whole, has become nothing more than a pack of predators. All of whom, seek to devour the individual and consume all of their resources, with as much compassion and finesse as that exhibited by a feeding school of piranha’s!

We’re fought the good fight, so hard and for so long, that we’ve now been completely drained of resources, and our very spirit’s have become consumed and are nearly extinguished by the multiple manifestations of oppression and evil that have engulfed us and our lives!

It becomes easily understandable what should so motivate those poor deranged individuals, whom one hears about on the evening news, with increasing frequency, whom go into some public place, somewhere, pull out their arsenal of armament, and begin mowing down “innocent” victims, in droves!

One can easily imagine that these poor deranged individuals were once normal and compassionate person’s, also… 

…And, in fact, the true “innocent” “victims” of that self-same society, which they seek to lash out at…

… In a futile and self-destructive last dying act of self- defense!

For so long, now, we have held the belief that we would be able to overcome this onslaught against good, right and decency. 

And that, in so doing, we would be able to become members of a vanguard wave of change. 

Whereby, we could assist others in winning their own battles in this cause. Helping to guide them through the mine field, obstacle course, pitfalls, snares and booby-traps that await them, and, thereby enable many to reach that same elusive (and apparently imaginary) goal that we have fought so diligently and faithfully to attain.

Unfortunately, those opposed to us have been doing what they do for so long, that they have become far too efficient and proficient, from experience and practice, for the efforts of those like ourselves, taken in response to their greed and aggression, to be of any genuine use, or effect.

It has become impossible to continue to resist any longer and still retain sufficient strength, and barely adequate resources, to even move one’s physical presence and property to some other location… 

…Though God, alone, knows where that might possibly be, and He seems to have no concern, regarding us in this matter, any more…

We’ve exhausted far more money, and all of our time, spirit and attention, in fighting these thieves and crooks, than ever would have been required, had they not taken the initial illegal steps of wrongly declaring us in default, and then manipulating the payment history and records, thereby making it impossible to determine even who had actual possession of the note and right to initiate the foreclosure proceeding, or who, in fact, actually had begun it?

Through deception, sleight of hand, and hiding behind so many facades and fronts, the bankers have perfected the mechanism by which they do steal all of the wealth of the people, and once they have wrongfully taken that, then they take the people’s homes, also!

This country is being destroyed, even as I write this, by these evil people… 

…And, all of the wealth and fruits of our labors were, so long ago, traded off by traitors to our country…

… Those who were elected to serve and protect, and now we have all become serfs to the elite, the European banking cartel, which owns and controls the entire wealth and governments of the world, and especially America!

For three years we have fought valiantly to make our stand for what is right…

But, when faced with the unlimited resources at the disposal of our enemy, it finally becomes a matter of nothing more than defeat by attrition, in the end.

Even our faith in the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God, has served to provide no reconciliation nor reprieve in the matter, and we feel that we are merely living out then last dying nervous twitches of a corpse that has already had it’s head detached and it’s heart removed from within it’s chest.

It is easy for one, whom has not been subjected to such evil and oppression, to encourage those whom are, to hold on and continue to fight.

But you have no idea the toll that it takes upon one, when one’s entire life becomes focused on defending oneself, and ones family, from such a relentless, heartless and continual onslaught and never ending attack, being made by far too many persons, on far too many fronts…

… Nor the depth of despair that engulfs one, when they realize that they’ve effectively wasted the last years of their life, in futile resistance to a lost cause, and an impossible to win, in their own strength, against such organized and specialized forces, battle for their rights and property, not to mention morals and ethics!

At this point in time, we’ve been reduced to having to declare an emergency bankruptcy, in order to temporarily stay the enforcement of a Writ of Restitution, and of having only approximately $3,000 worth of the Federal Reserve debt notes in our possession, which we can either exhaust by throwing them in with all of the others we’ve given in vain to save ourselves from this grievous wrong.

 Or, to finally admit defeat, and drag ourselves off into some dark corner, to hide and lick our wounds, hopefully to survive to fight another day.

Our lives have been irreparably damaged, our peace of mind destroyed, and our personal resolve and resources bankrupted.

The only thing good that has come of this, is that those behind the banking cartel that controls this country, and the entire world, for that matter, have earned themselves one more dedicated enemy, whom shall expend every possible avenue available to them to disrupt, harm, hinder or destroy anything and everything that those evil and demon controlled and inspired excuses for humans ever say, attempt to do, claim to possess, or stand for, and to encourage anyone who will listen to do the same.

Alone, we may not have been able to stop them from destroying our lives and stealing our home…

But, thanks to the power of the internet we’ll be able to multiply the effectiveness of our responses to their thefts and attacks, and we are certain that we shall cause them far more harm, damage and expense than they could have incurred, if they’d not sought to steal our home by fraud and deception.

We possess one thing that they can never steal, nor rob from us….

…The absolute knowledge that ours was, and is, a noble and righteous cause, and that, in the end, we win!

Despite any appearances to the contrary in this material world, here and now.

Thank you, kind sir, for your encouragement and attempt to solicit some assistance for us. We’re afraid that it’s far too little, and far too late, to be of any good or effect.

I never thought that I’d say this….

..But, we give up!

It’s become the only choice left..

… If we are to even survive at all!

And I won’t subject my wife to the humility of being forcefully ejected by the sheriff’s from what is rightfully our home….

I’ll put the match to it as we walk out the door, before I’ll let those bastards steal it, though!

The shame of it all is that we have a winning case, but no longer possess the outrageous retainer fee that any competent counsel demands before accepting our case…

…And our window of opportunity to defend ourselves in the matter closes on April 20th of this year!

Goddamn it, all to hell!

With that, I close.

Good day, Neil,

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