Mortgage Meltdown: The Candidates

It’s 3a.m., the phone rings. A girl with an apron answers and says “Thanks for calling Crispy Creme.” Hillary places her order for Bill. The fact is that none of the three candidates — McCain, Obama, or Clinton have ever had that 3am call nor have they ever had to make an executive decision in a national crisis. On experience in public office, McCain is the clear winner, with Obama having about twice as much as Hillary. 

On voting critical issues, they all have pluses and minuses. The Iraq War resolution was clearly a mistake because it delegated to the President the authority to declare war — a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution. It doesn’t matter whether the war was right or wrong, the resolution was wrong. Obama did have that right.

The scare tactics, while interesting for the Press, tell us nothing about the executive decision-making abilities of any of the candidates. They pretend to say something negative about one candidate implying that the critique is not equally applicable to the author and the target.  

Meanwhile, the real issues confronting voters are getting totally confused. NAFTA, even if it was a good idea in the long run, was rushed to judgment, with Hillary’s concurrence. Like the Iraq war it was executed miserably because of lack of congressional oversight which is the real issue confronting the American voter. It is the failure of congress to do its job which allowed the two previous chief executives (Clinton and Bush) to run amok. We;ll get the same result regardless of who is President if we don’t change that.

The Mortgage Meltdown occurred also because of lack of congressional oversight and a green light from the executive to go ahead and invent money.  Want more of the same? Just keep focussing on only the Presidential race instead of the people who are supposed  to provide checks and balances — congress. 

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