Find your outrage and abandon your despair !!!


Yes it is true that you didn’t read the fine print. But how much would you have understood in the mountain of paperwork you signed. I am NOT an attorney licensed to practice in Arizona which gives me some leeway in what I can say and do for you. On the other hand I am an Attorney licensed to practice in Florida, in Federal Courts, Federal Trial Bar, and Federal bankruptcy Bar. So it isn’t like I don’t know what I am talking about. I am 60 years old and would be retired except for one thing — I am outraged at what happened to the two million (minimum) other people who will fall victim to foreclosure and eviction if you don’t fight back.


Not only were you suckered into signing papers you didn’t understand, not only did you invest every last nickel you had in furnishing the house, but you were double slammed if you own any securities of any mutual fund, financial institution or company that bought the “CDO” (collateralized debt obligation) that your signature was used as proof of security. Bet you didn’t know that. In other words through the investments of you and your neighbors and friends and relatives you were twice suckered into creating “free money” which enabled investment banks, lenders, mortgage brokers and even real estate brokers, and mortgage servicing companies are all making money even now! They basically got you, as a group, to lend money to yourselves and then charged for the privilege of doing it.


And they are still making money on your mortgage even though you are not paying anything. You see they are hitting your account even now just to drive by and make sure the house is occupied and for dozens of other fees you know nothing about — fees they know you will never pay as borrower but they are sticking it to the person (like you or your neighbor that has a 401k, Roth IRA, pension or other investment) who pout up the money in the first place. Despite the declining home values there is still value to these homes, and these middlemen are going to clean out the pockets of both the homeowner/borrower and the investors before they give up a nickel.


Stop the raping of the middle class by these predators. I worry not only about you but about my children and grandchildren. So I want you to fight back, with or without my help. And I want you to do it through COLLECTIVE ACTION. Make your comment here. It is merely and expression of support to everyone who has fallen into this predicament through the actions of unscrupulous predators from Wall Street and beyond.


There are proven methods (referred to by Donald Trump on Larry King Live) by which you can recover or prevent the stealing of your home through “legal” means and to maintain the one investment you made in good faith without knowing you were the victim of a huge worldwide scam in which more than $3.5 trillion dollars was generated and kept in the pocket of a select few at the top of the monetary food chain. This is going to be a political battle as well as a legal one. There is no guarantee of success and there is no free ride.


We can game the system too by a variety of means including the slogan “just say no!”. Make them go all the way to get you out. The Sheriff charges them for that. Make it as expensive for them to process these foreclosures as possible and make each case unique. Stop them from mass producing the foreclosure suits, the auctions and the evictions using intimidation and slight of hand (same way they got you  into this mess) to get you to cooperate through despair and giving up the last rights you have. You have more power than you think!


Consider that it is you who should be outraged, that nobody is going to help you unless you help yourself, and that through individual and collective action, anything is possible no matter what the law currently says. The sheriff only has a few people who can deal with the eviction process. We can make that very difficult for them and more expensive for the lenders. State Senators and Legislators want to be re-elected. Nothing is going to hit harder than this house of cards falling on our cities.


Get mad and get even.

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