John Edwards For President

The lie we live with and that we all participate in is that we don’t want candidates to say anything when they run for office and then we are disappointed when they start doing things we hate. We know nothing about what any of the candidates will really do — except for Edwards.Edwards is the exception that proves the rule. He is specific, competent, knowledgeable and passionate about the issues he raises.Clinton gives us a word bullet like “I’ll start drawing down troops as soon as I am in office.” everyone claps. Excuse me, exactly how many troops? She doesn’t know. She says she will negotiate with oil companies, credit card issuers, medical establishment, and others who drain the last penny of what could be purchasing power in our economy. What is there to negotiate?They already have the power and they want to keep it. They already have the money and they want to keep it. They have converted our country into a corporatocracy, which is another way of saying fascism. We as voters, the real boss according to the constitution,  we let them do it.Edwards tells it like it is. He calls on the same good qualities of Americans that galvanized the country when JFK was president. He says don’t negotiate with credit predators, with drug companies, with the medical establishment, with oil companies, the environment, you have to take them on and beat them. And he isn’t getting traction or money from those huge lobbies because he means it.Why are we not excited about Edwards? He’s the only one who has not fallen lockstep with the handlers who manage campaigns. He runs his own. Isn’t that a leader we want?Are we really serious about wanting change? Or are we so obsessed with staying alive that we can’t hear the screams and outrage of Katrina victims whose pleas still go unheard, Georgia running out of water, the Southwest running out of water, depletion of our buying power by legitimizing usury, letting the drug and oil companies take money out of our pockets by spending our tax money, raising prices, and preventing our children from being educated so that they can see what is happening to them. We are depleting every important resource we have. We are running out. What will it take for people sit up and realize that this stuff DOES affect them, their children and grandchildren — and not some time in the future. It is happening right now before your eyes.Come on Iowa, New Hampshire, show your stuff. reward the candidate who has put his cards on the table for you to see instead of those who hide behind ambiguous generalities. 

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