Deadly Dynamics

This is why the FDA should be eliminated as an agency. As the public is slowly finding out, the FDA lacks authroity, resources and will to monitor, inspect or regulate anything on its own. It basically is composed of arrogant people who either did work for food and or drug companies, do work for them now, or will work for them as soon as they get out of the FDA. The so-called lab tests are all owned and controlled by the companies that the FDA is supposedly monitoring. The net result is that the food and drug companies do everything possible to keep the FDA in place because it gives the appearance and misleading impression that the FDA is protecting American consumers when in fact they are doing nothing of the kind.  The FDA provides the shield that not only allows false and deceptive advertising but also allows wild barriers to entry and policies that prevent consumers or potential competitors from getting a fair shake. The simple fact is that if the FDA was disbanded tomorrow, nothing would change except the shield would be gone and the quality of our food and drugs would start to improve. And the appearance of competitiors in a highly centralized controlled marketplace would be refreshing. The Federal Commerce Commission possesses all the necessary authority and far more teeth to prevent the labeling problems, the inspection catastrophes and at least reduce the politicization of the food and drug marketpalce. Americans are being poisoned by nearly everything they eat, drink, use of play with, thanks to the false appearance of safety created by the FDA. People want to believe the FDA does some good and want to believe their government is not part of a business marketing plan that proceeds with complete disregard to the safety of Americans. But they are wrong to believe it and as citizens of a  great nation, they should get “mad as hell and not take it anymore.”

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